[LOTTO]♔EURO 2012♔ Bet on the winner :)

Monday 25/06/2012, 16:15


Read CAREFULLY the RULES before joining.

Thank you,mods.

Wednesday 27/06/2012, 13:15

You have time till the first Semi Final between Spain and Portugal starts.Join up. smiley

Read CAREFULLY the RULES before joining. smiley

Thank you,mods. smiley

Thursday 28/06/2012, 15:27

Someone from the higher ranks of UR,must've deleted the event.And he/she have not the least respect to contact me about the reason.

Anyway,I would like to apologise to all of those who joined my event.

Thursday 28/06/2012, 21:00

Mods thank you.You can delete this thread.


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