offline owButtacup Ld Veteran ONE WORLD
Friday 03/08/2012, 21:16

I used a deck in ELO to try to reach 1300 after weeks of unsuccesful attempts.
Here it is:
What I have in mind is Samantha -> Gail Ld, and Gibson -> Qubik. I put in lots of SoB with the mindest set that everyone was gonna run Rescue, Sentinel and clans with power manipulation for a bonus this week. I thought that the use of my SoB would be able to overpower clans when their bonus is removed.

R&C please. Thanks

offline KitsuneKatsumi Imperator XiongDang
Saturday 04/08/2012, 13:29

My rule of thumb with Uppers is to use at least 5 to guarantee the bonus. Junkz + Uppers isn't an ideal mix but Junkz are ok with 3. Gibson -> Qubik is a good upgrade. If you go down to 3 Junkz you'll need to lose Jiro as his ability is the least reliable. You probably want Maurice -> Kayazan as well since you are very light on damage. I generally don't suggest Veenyle Cr but she is useful mixed with Uppers and might be a better fit than Flanagan.

I'm a big, big fan of Samantha but you might change her to Jose Star to further improve damage.

Jose Star
Veenyle Cr

This preset could use an 8 power character that in Uppers would be Kazayan -> Dorian, and in Junkz Tremorh -> Eebiza or Fizzle, but to make that move you would have to drop Rubie -> Samantha or Tremorh -> Flanagan, which are both very costly tradeoffs.

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