Tuesday 14/08/2012, 20:03

Hello all, I'm thatgamergurl and my new guild, Wild Ones, has been validated! I'm starting the recruitment process now and I need at least 4 active members to keep the guild open.

Wild Ones will be a guild dedicated to the new and old UR players who just love to have fun tearing up Clint City. It will be a place to share tips and strategies, make friends, trade characters and just have a ton of fun.


Must be level 5 and up
Must be active (online at least 3 times a week for more than 10 minutes)
Must be a good sport (no badmouthing other UR players in this guild or otherwise)
Must love UR!

Post: "Jungo RULES", your username, and country if you'd like to join.


Tuesday 14/08/2012, 20:04

Wild Ones

Tuesday 14/08/2012, 20:18

Good luck with your new guildsmiley

Wednesday 15/08/2012, 13:33

Still need three more members to get Wild Ones out of hot water. Please apply!

Wednesday 15/08/2012, 16:16

Hi my name is narniex i would like to be in this guild

Wednesday 15/08/2012, 22:16

Ok narniex, all you have to do is click the guild link in Wicer's post or next to my name in the my post. then go down to the bottom of the page and click join. i'll accept you then you're in! thanks for joining!

Thursday 16/08/2012, 01:48

I applied! :3

Thursday 16/08/2012, 01:50

I applied :3

Thursday 16/08/2012, 03:07

Are you sure? i don't see you listed on the guild as an applicant. try again please. smiley


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