offline Destroyer321 Senior The All-Out Destroyers
Monday 20/08/2012, 21:04

Are the Basic booster packs worth it?
I'm thinking that I'm better off just spending 20 credits, but I'm super curious!
So please, someone tell me if it's worth it and/or if you've gotten anything?
Thanks to all smiley

offline MaxStriker01 Imperator Hip Hop Messiahz
Tuesday 21/08/2012, 03:40

In my opinion, basic booster packs are not really worth it at all. You only get common cards that barely useful for any deck. You are better off going for elite, extended, or for the newest characters available: New Blood.

offline Ice dragon T Titan Dragons Cro Clan
Tuesday 21/08/2012, 09:44

Buy New blood , there you can get good cards, and Kalindra

offline BilabongtvWMD Colossus Wise Men Distracted
Tuesday 21/08/2012, 11:36

New bloods during releases and when a few pricy cards are still there.
Standard packs for the times in between.

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