offline -Eiji- Senior Hip Hop disciplez
Monday 27/08/2012, 15:57

Hello everyone!
I've started playing UR more or less a week ago, and with the help of the forum I've spent some of my credits on "new blood" packs and some of my clintz for some cheap cards which would be good to build up a deck.
These are the cards I have at the moment:

Bangers: Beeboy ( ) ; Massiv
FANG PI CLAN: Kati; Ralph; Sayura; Yu Mei
LEADERS: Timber; Vansaar; Hugo; Bridget
Nightmare: Orlok; Mawpin; Sargh
Piranas: Cyan; Ector; Greesh; Kristin; Puff; Sheryl
Rescue: Daussone; Joana; Krash; Wesley
Vortex: Izsobahd; Lovhak; Qorah; Sunder; Ward hg

Now, the question is: I would like to create a competitive deck for Elo (and if possible an "alternative deck" to use in TQ mode, hoping this isn't impossible :razz
I don't have great preferences, but since I've had the luck to get Beeboy from a "New blood" pack it would be nice creating a deck based on Bangers ( I don't know if I should choose a "full Bangers" deck or if I should couple them with another clan :weird. If this isn't possible I can also sell him (since prices are raising atm )

P.S. Please don't be too bad with me ; i know I'm a "noob" but I really would like to fully understand this game's dynamics.

offline UM_AaaBattery Moderator URBAN MADNESS
Monday 27/08/2012, 16:21

A half deck. (4 bangers cards and 4 cards from anuther clan) might be easyer to make intill you get more clintz. Maby try combining the bangers and Fang pi clang seeing as you have some ok fang pi clang cards.

offline -Eiji- Senior Hip Hop disciplez
Monday 27/08/2012, 17:03

Would you suggest selling some cards to get some decent bangers/fang pi cards?

available Steelie_MOB Titan Masters of Battle
Monday 27/08/2012, 23:30

Sell what you don't need. and build a tourny deck for the free credits if you end up in the top 1/3th
My advice is to play Bangers with a atk manip. clan. Junkz, uppers or montana. Very beginner friendly

Something like
Beeboy, B ball, Loocio, Bubbles + Moses, Desmond, Donnie, Ace

Ofcourse change that line up to your likings.

offline -Eiji- Senior Hip Hop disciplez
Tuesday 28/08/2012, 00:43

Thank you very much! You've saved my day smiley

offline Tanto89 Titan X. LycurguS .X
Tuesday 28/08/2012, 10:03

It depends on what do you want
I believe you can sell beeboy (since his price could go down)

and then use any clans you like (mono or dual)
I would say +/- att manipulation clan is a good option for beginner

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