Friday 31/08/2012, 18:49

Heys guys,

I have recently started playing ELO a lot more. I have been a Piranas player ever since i started playing this game. Recently i have been looking to expand my collection a little more. Im looking for the best combo for a Piranas deck. I do have all the Piranas cards so any of those would work fine. Thank you for reading and i hope you can give me some good suggestions.

Friday 31/08/2012, 20:27

Junkz works well with Piranas

Friday 31/08/2012, 23:41

Frozn, because Piranas has a lot of cards like Scubb and Dalhia... just bluff with them and your opponent overpillz and you use revanche.

Saturday 01/09/2012, 00:06

Roots work fine smiley

Saturday 01/09/2012, 01:36

Just about any clan can work with Piranas imo, though i personally think the best clans to go with are Pussycats, Fang Pi Clang, All Stars, or Uppers.

Saturday 01/09/2012, 17:21

Awesome guys! Thanks for all the responses!


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