offline vJordon Senior  
Saturday 06/10/2012, 15:36

Straya is a fun and social guild looking for new players to join. We are only new ourselves and would like to start a guild in which new members to the game could join to learn the ropes and tactics of the game, while socializing and having some fun. We will accept all members and would appreciate it if some of you more experiences players could join and show us the tricks of the trade.

Now for a little about ourselves and how the guild was created. Me and 3 other friends stumbled upon this game on an ad on a website and as we progressed through the game we wanted to make a guild so that it would be better to connect with each other and help each other in terms of developing in game. When thinking of a name, we considered our beautiful lil nation, Straya. We managed to level ourselves up and Thus Straya was born.

So if you would like to join either just apply for the guild or hit us up on a message and we will be sure to get into contact with you.


offline ArtemisBZ Colossus BrainZtorm
Sunday 07/10/2012, 05:57


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