Sunday 23/12/2012, 17:38


Blaaster Cr - 110k
Vermyn N - 28k
Beeboy - 16.5k
Angie - 5k
Shogunn - 8.5k
Bodenpower - 7k
Fixit - 5.2k
Shann - 13k
Willy - 10.3k
Juicy Lord - 6.5k
Loccio - 1k
Randal - 1.6k
Graff - 1.5k

Total - 214k
+ Robb Cr

Total - 275k

For your

Alec Cr (any xp) - 155k
Marco Cr (any xp) - 48k
Hax(any xp) - 21k
Aurora (any xp) - 13k
Kerry(any xp) - 11k
Steve(any xp) - 6.5k
Sledge(any xp) - 5.2k
Pastor(any xp) - 4.5k
Elvira(any xp) - 3.5k
Buckler(any xp) - 3.5k
Anita(any xp) - 2.5k

Total - 273k

Its almost equal. If feel the trade is unfair I can add a bit of clintz to make it a fair deal smiley

Monday 24/12/2012, 05:51

Still looking

Monday 24/12/2012, 08:53

Got Marco Cr.
Robb Cr is gone !

Adding 15k to my offer. Difference between Marco Cr and robb cr's price smiley

Monday 24/12/2012, 13:43

Fair deal.

Still looking.

Prices if they differ because of the market I will add clintz smiley


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