offline 0 Spycee Colossus Army of Elite Mercenaries
Monday 24/12/2012, 16:14

Cards which I want trade :
Ashley, 2x Cesare, Davina, Eyrton, Flo, 4x Frank, Kang, 2x Katsuhky (1x 0xp), 3x Kimberley (2x 0xp), Lewis, Liu, 3x Mikki (2x 0xp), Miss Jessie, Nathan 0xp, Spudd 0xp, 5x Stacey, 4x Striker, Terry Cr

Cards which I need (only full) :
Dallas, Essie, Jessie, Marina, Oyoh, Quinn, Randy

Cards which I need (only 0xp) :
Amelia, Ashley, Asporov, Dallas, Davina, El Gringo, Essie, Flo, Hammer, Kang, Karen, Lewis, Liu, Loma Noju, Marina, Oyoh, Randy, Saki, Stacey, Striker

Cards which I want in bulk (more than 10 pieces, prefer 0xp) :

Cards, which I want excahnge for All Stars :
All Stars :
Terry Cr full

Bangers :
Blaaster Cr full

Freaks :
Diyo Cr full
Geuner Cr full

Montana :
8x Edd Cr 0xp

Nightmare :
14x Kenny Cr full

Piranas :
2x Rhed Cr 0xp
Smokey Cr 0xp (gived by moderator)

Skeelz :
Chiara Cr full

Ulu Watu :
2x Tanaereva Cr full

Uppers :
Jackie Cr 0xp (gived by moderator)

Vortex :
5x Heegrn Cr 0xp


offline Grizzlepash Senior Comfort In Sound
Tuesday 25/12/2012, 07:35

I have a miss Jessie, what do you offer for that? smiley

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Clint City, day.