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Wednesday 23/01/2013, 12:17

Hello everyone, while I may be new to Urban Rivals, I've been running Guilds/Teams for competitive gaming for some time now. With connections to some Gold tier teams on the League of Legends ladder as well as officership in a LOTRO Guild that is max rank and established on a premier server, it's safe to say I understand how to run a clan (Guild in this case). That besing said, I'm allowing anyone and everyone the oppurntunity to join Gladiator Gaming.

Those who join must be active, and willing to help out their fellow guild members. That is by practicing with them, offering advice, and willing to trade if the request is reasonable. Secondly, by joining Gladiator Gaming, you are committing to fair play, and being respectful to your opponents, win or lose.

Finally, the perks that come with Glad Gaming are as follows: Exclusive Guild-only events with cards and clintz provided by myself, access to future website/teamspeak channels, help from other members and myself, first-access to events sponsored by guild members.

Best of all, consider yourself part of Team Gladiator Gaming if you decide to join.


For those who wish to submit an application for an officer spot, please reach me through private message.

~ Hybridcore

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