Friday 25/01/2013, 03:20

Just thought that it'd be great if I could play with my friend on the same team instead of alone all the time.

DO you guys think the thoughts of 2v2 might be feasible? and would it actually be fun? XD

Friday 25/01/2013, 11:11

Seems fun, but it would take a re-scripting of the game engine itself.. might be too much trouble than it's worth....

Saturday 26/01/2013, 20:31

That would be the most amazing idea ever I have always wished that this feature would come to UR I highly advise the staff to take a look at this

Saturday 26/01/2013, 22:35

Yeah I guess. But it'd be pretty nice to take a page out of Magic or something; pool total lives, individual turns, etc.

I guess it would take re-scripting of the entire game engine but I think team gameplay might bring some more dynamics into UR haha. Anyone else have an opinion on this?

Saturday 26/01/2013, 22:41

As I said before brilliant and I can't emphasise enough how much I want thatsmileysmileysmileysmileysmileysmileysmiley

Monday 28/01/2013, 14:35

Great idea! smileysmiley UR staff should see this

Monday 28/01/2013, 14:38

That's an awesome idea actually.

Monday 28/01/2013, 14:51

I'm sure the staff has seen this multiple times already.

But yeah, would take too much re-coding to be worth it, and there would most certainly be problems with matchmaking. Say you're paired up with an 8-year old kid who can't understand a word you tell them about strategy and nuke everything you have on one card. And getting a mutual approval would otherwise be too difficult and time consuming.


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