offline (TRK) A713N Titan The Rising Kings
Wednesday 06/03/2013, 23:32

The Rising Kings are rapidly getting closer and closer to the top 5 in the US.

We are a growing guild... A rapidly growing guild.
We are growing stronger every day.
Every day we win. and win. and win.
Do you like to win?

Do you want to be given your rewards, or do you want to earn them?

The Rising Kings believe that answer is simple.


* At least level 5.
* At least 300 activity per week
* Must be able to speak english or use Google Translate. Website: (

Meet these requirements and you will will be accepted. No questions asked.

offline (JD) Guru Legends of the Dark
Thursday 07/03/2013, 00:10

I give props for the guild logo smiley creative

offline Myeltd Titan Limit Break
Thursday 07/03/2013, 03:31

Wow, not another rising kings recruitment threat. (facepalm)

offline (TRK) A713N Titan The Rising Kings
Friday 08/03/2013, 05:28

Why yes Myelted,
Yes it is. smiley

Very observative. smiley ha ha ha

Yes... Your sight seems fine. I see no problems there... smiley
But your mouth! smiley
It is my Unprofessional but Educated opinion that you suffer from: of the mouth

offline (TRK) A713N Titan The Rising Kings
Friday 08/03/2013, 06:14

Thank you. smiley
I spent a decent amount of time on it and my profile logo. I do custom logos for people too.
I am egocentric and I love compliments lol. Much appreciated. smiley

offline DAWN-HM Novice Knights of the New Dawn
Saturday 30/03/2013, 14:29

Ok, sorry for the repost, I assumed it would have guild name, couldn't find it, so assumed we hadn't found one yet, anywho, we have improved a LOT since that time. Our numbers and experience have grown exponentially due to the help of our awesome leadership, so I'll just bump this so show we're recruiting more then ever

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