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Monday 27/05/2013, 01:07

Join lad

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Monday 27/05/2013, 01:19

No one else? Alright, I'll be that guy:
Please refer to when making threads in the "Tournaments and events" board. As put by Yoda, threads should be formatted as follows:

-Start with a prefix
Something like that
-Title it after your event so people know right away what it's called. A good name will intrigue people and get them to look.

-Who can join?
Levels, languages, specific countries or guilds
-How many can join?
Is there an entry fee?
-What rules are there that may be different than the regular game?
-Is there a deck format?

Link to the event page:
-This is very important so players can find your event from here. You can do this a couple of ways.
1. Copy the URL from the search bar on the event page, like this:

2. Go for the shorter version that shows the name in green.
-take the end of the URL
-Replace the = sign with a colon :
Mayday! Patrick’s Day! Event 1

Make it interesting:
-Tell us why we should join your event.
-What prizes can we win?

Remember, the more people who join your event, the more successful it can be."

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Monday 27/05/2013, 01:32

Its impossible for this guy to create an event right now smiley


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