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ELo decks from years ago...

ELo decks from years ago...
Wednesday 05/06/2013, 05:12
wasteroftime - Moderator English

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ELo decks from years ago...
wasteroftime - Moderator - Open CasketEnglish - Wednesday 05/06/2013, 05:12

These decks were my favourite to use when i first started to play ELO

i wonder how some of them would fare now?
a bit of a tribute to the presets of days gone by

Roots and AS save the stars
AS and GHEIST Réincarnation...
GHEIST and Piranas Ca, ça va tout déchirer!
Roots and Piranas Of Fog and Furries
Sents and Roots super magnifique 2
Sents and Piranas le sherif pirate
Sents and AS L'équipe de la police
AS and Piranas Star de la piraterie

basically it was either a GHEIST or Roots week, it then became Roots and AS weeks a short time, which then led to Sents and Roots weeks.

M-Bison - Legend English
Wednesday 05/06/2013, 08:37

They were just putting Sents with all kinds of clans back then haha
UM_AaaBattery - Moderator - URBAN MADNESS English
Wednesday 05/06/2013, 10:47

If it wasn't for the ELO bans they would all still do quite well.
0 Anderson - Titan English
Thursday 06/06/2013, 02:19

What about mono decks with Morphun/Hugo?
wasteroftime - Moderator - Open Casket English
Thursday 06/06/2013, 03:35

Mono decks were not strong enough in general when i started playing elo...

mono Sentis and Piranas did pop up here and there though
The Ideal - Master English
Friday 07/06/2013, 06:58

The Leader bans were mostly cause of DT's. Monhugo was just too dominate so they had to add some penalties
golswnboy866 - Hero - the courtyard of shadows English
Friday 07/06/2013, 08:05

Mono Skeelz dominated before Caleus was banned.
wasteroftime - Moderator - Open Casket English
Friday 07/06/2013, 08:20

Leaders were banned in ELO not because of DTs

leaders got banned in ELO because many clans ended up with 7+ strong ELO cards and adding the Leader became a bit overkill
Trippie - Legend - Open Casket English
Friday 07/06/2013, 10:03

Mono All Stars was popular; the Morphun/Hugo/Eyrik + the 5 + Ashley (until Stacey came along) + Spiaghi/Lehane really dominated for a while

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