Wednesday 07/08/2013, 14:20

I have 3 Noodile Cr's Full Xp and i'm looking for the following:

Clintz for all 3, I value them at whatever the market price is.
Daddy Jones 0 Xp , Plunk 0 Xp, Florida Jane 0 Xp , Brok 0 Xp or Konrad 0 Xp.
I would prefer offers with 0 Xp, but I would also accept any other levels but would like 0 Xp preferably.

Try not to send me offers with cards I haven't asked for please!

Wednesday 07/08/2013, 21:16

Also accepting Dreadlash 0 Xp's!

Thursday 08/08/2013, 13:48

These are still available, bare in mind I don't mind clintz.


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