offline HD_Susa7 Colossus Heaven Destroyer
Thursday 08/08/2013, 10:56

I want to exchange my reine cr 0exp (223k)

I'm looking for:
- Cash (if the tender offer is a limited amount of cash (40-50%) can also give discounts).
- Lots (just as likely cr Zatman, Dorian, Kolos, Charlie etc), and preferably 0exp.
- Cards Kerozinn as Cr (450k), Vickie Cr (450k), Robb Cr (49k), Jackie Cr (125k), Caelus Cr (102k) Tanaereva Cr (200k) etc..
- Lots of Huracan (unfortunately I can not comment at the current price, have been netted. Friday afternoon I can make precise estimates)
- Cards normal +10 / 20k (X-0DUS (23k), Bogdan (28.5k), etc.).


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