[RECR] Shades Of Blue

Sunday 01/09/2013, 13:04

Hi Im Lucas, Im the dude who made :thumbsup: I just wanna have fun with the people of the game, no sus stuff but I play Fantasy Rivals alot. If you like music,comedy,anime,and manga I think you would like it here. I want people to join that are gonna use the guild message board and come up with creative ideas for our progression :thumbsup: This place isnt so serious, its supposed to be fun ya know? So if you wanna join a fun place where we just hang out and talk about stuff then come on over :thumbsup:

Sunday 01/09/2013, 13:11

Join :thumbsup:

- Level 20 and up
- Try to use the guild chat/ guild message board when you can
- Must be able to speak english
- No cheating/verbal abuse

Sunday 01/09/2013, 20:25

Join up! ^__^

Sunday 01/09/2013, 22:13

Why not shades of grey?

Monday 02/09/2013, 02:05

I'd love to Chill with ya Lucas :)

Monday 02/09/2013, 08:52

@jamox... Lol :P

Monday 02/09/2013, 17:22


Why not call it 68 yes 68 shades of blue then

Monday 02/09/2013, 18:13

Lets give reasons to join this guild, for example, at the moment I enter it, the forum will be ready to work. I can take care alone of the forum activities and make it work, but I need help in that "small" part called recruitment since Im not able to play more than 2-5 hours per week

So if you are still reading and you dont care about my mental health come and join Shades Of Blue!

Monday 02/09/2013, 18:14

Awesome richliu youre welcome anytime, and jamox because grey is too mainstream :dork: Have fun, Im working on everything now, but Im heading back to school tomorrow, its gonna be a steady pace but we are gonna make this work :-d

Monday 02/09/2013, 23:52

Karu is really helpful around these parts, join us our members on our journeys :kawaii:


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