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Join us! We are a new Urban rivals guild. We Will Go Far Just Need to play a lot. Please Message ME If you want to join. Don't hesitate because we will be one of the greatest guilds out there! Best and Must Useful player will be awarded. So Dont be scared and come join us. Please also bring some of you friends with you thanks! Any Questions message me . If you have someone to recruit tell them to go to this link . guild:1836488


To Become An Admin : (Must Complete ALL)

1. Must Recruit 3 members
2. Must Have a Higher Then 1100 ELO
3. Must Have 5+ Wins In A Row In Survive EXTENDED
4. Must Be Determined Loyal By The Guild Leader.
5. Must Always Have Full Activity By the end of the Week.
6. Must At Bought Credits At a Certain Point

How To Be Rewarded : (Complete 1 for reward)

1. Recruit 7 Member's (Rare Card)
2. Have 1300+ ELO (Rare Card)
3. 13 Matches Won In A Row In Survivor EXTENDED (Rard Card)


Please Be Nice And Friendly . The Rules Might Be Edited At Anytime. Any Smart Ideas/Suggestions Please Private Message Me.

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