offline Zi0n_kaiser Moderator Son of Zion
Thursday 03/10/2013, 19:37

Hello all ii sell Cr and lot of cards :
2 Leviatonn 0xp 15300/t
20 Murray 0xp 820/t
50 Arkn 0xp 2600/t
50 Steve 0xp 8500/t
Alec Cr full 179k
Nahi Cr full 175k
2 x Emeth Cr 0xp 42k/t
Miss Twice Cr 0xp 240k

i can accept :
Charlie 0xp 40k
Ongh 0xp 37k
Striker 0xp 23k
Dregn 0xp 36k
Bogdan 0xp 30k
Marco Cr 0xp 41k

all by Private sell or à moderator smiley

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