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Saturday 15/03/2008, 16:59

1 hit ko is probably one of the most annoying yet best ability that a card can have. 1 hit ko means that a card can dealt a mixn of 12 damage to the other player in one round which is most likely a ko if theres no extra life or blockers. ive seen alot of players use cards like Kolos (R) to make 1hko but there is ALOT more cards than that can 1hit too with the help from many others. i created this guild to explain and show you all of the 1hko possibility cards hope it helps you in your future gaming.

standard 1hkos:
three most common 1hko cards are Kinjo (U), Lost Hog (C), and Kolos (R). Kinjo (U) and Lost Hog (C) needs clan bonus to make a 1hko while Kolos (R) is the only one who can 1hko along without the clan bonus. Lost Hog (C) is the only one who can 1hko even against soa. most skilled players can avoid 1hko from these cards so theres no need for me to say more.

alternative 1hkos:
alternative 1hkos is based on a more strategic deck building which needs the help from other clans cards. its a very unusual stratege but most players will not be expected it to happen and thats where you will get them.

the first one is No Nam (C). he seems to be a 7/7 even with clan bonus and fury he can still only deal 11 damag. this is where the helpers come in. Timber (R) from the leaders with a ablilty of team damag +1 which makes every card on his team gets one extra damag. and when partnered with No Nam (C) BOO theres another 1hko killer. only a few people will manage to avoid it but most will just be stunned.

offline Blob Fred Master TheLastMohicans
Thursday 20/03/2008, 18:17

Okay well i just want to agree with XTeRiTz because the time it takes to win easily makes up for the fewer points that are gained. whether it's 9-14 or 15-19, if multiplied by three (because of the time three battles can be fit in) it makes 27-42 or 45-57, which are both better than the alternative 24-30. Remember that! My preferred is Kolos as he is not a Cr, does not rely on Bonus, and has a lot of power for his cost. All 1HKOs are useful with Ambre, for example Kolos becomes 10/12 with courage.
can an admin please confirm or deny how many points can be won in a 4 round battle???

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Thursday 20/03/2008, 19:09

Ypu can see here the table of points gained :

offline Tanto89 Titan X. LycurguS .X
Thursday 20/03/2008, 19:26

If you do 4 round, you can get around 28 (I even can get 30) (Type 1)
if you do OHK in type 2, maybe you only get around 9 (if your deck full of level 5 cards)

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Tuesday 25/03/2008, 23:53

The most i've scored is 30 points during tourny. It was a ko plus pillz left. I have gotten over 50 points with lvling cards Anyways, OHKO can be very unexpecting but usually, the person waits til the last round so if u have -/+ attack, then u are good to go because usually can get a sure hit on the other 3 cards.

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Monday 07/04/2008, 20:39


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Tuesday 08/04/2008, 20:45

are you asking if any card, including 2 star cards can One Hit?
or are you just saying that even when you use One Hit cards like Kinjo, and Lost Hog, you fail to get the killing blow?

if the first?
then you need to meet the requirements, as in have a card either with 8 damage + 2 damage bonus, + Fury.
or card with 4 damage + 6 damage ability, + Fury
or in rare cases, cards with 7 damage + 2 damage ability, or bonus, + Fury, and Timber

if the second, it is probably because you have bad luck with random.
if you play 9 pillz + fury, there is a chance your opponent will either block with a damage reducer, block using 6 pillz(and let random do the rest) or use more than 6 pillz(which in my opinion is wasteful, and still won't guarantee a sure shot).
there are other options, but i figure these are most common.

offline Bosston Senior  
Friday 11/04/2008, 01:52



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Friday 11/04/2008, 10:35

Addition to Alternative OHKO's:
8/9 card with +3dmg as an ability and +2 from bangers clan bonus

Hey....lennox's clan have power+2, not damage+2
well it is a 1hko card as timber and fury makes it a 6/12 card
8/6 + ability+3 dmg , +fury+2dmg , +timber+1dmg = 8/12

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Saturday 12/04/2008, 13:27

I would like to point out one fact that causes many many other cards to become potential 1HKOs.
Clan bonuses are not activated unless there are two DIFFERENT people from the same clan.
Therefore there can be more than one Timber in a deck and all of their abilities will be activated. This means that any card with damage 7 or damage 5 with bonus +2 can be a 1HKO if accompanied by three Timbers.

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