offline GundhamTanaka Legend The Trend
Wednesday 09/04/2008, 23:12

Hey every1 i always wanted to do this, so i guess i will, i might need some help though, but i am going to name
all the clan leaders or who i think they are. i got bored so i guess im doing it smiley also im taking a survey, of which clan Leader ppl most like, but ill tell u when that will happen right now if u think another person is a clan Leader, tell me by putting it on here, thx! smiley
All Stars-Eyrton
fang pi clan- lost hog
GHEIST-Sigmund Cr
Junkz-DJ Korr Cr?
La Junta- General Cr
Leader dosen't have one smiley
Roots-??????smileysmileysmiley(who is it?)
Sakrohm-Guru Cr
Ulu Watu- tanaereva?
Uppers-zatman??? no clue

offline _wise_ Titan the courtyard of shadows
Thursday 08/01/2009, 15:58

Uppers - zlater

offline Oneiroi Senior Official PoxNora Guild
Thursday 08/01/2009, 16:36

For Roots, i think it's NDololo Cr, Matthew, or Kiki
Uppers is Zlatar

offline kaneholt_nwnf Imperator URBAN MADNESS
Thursday 08/01/2009, 17:12

Well its unlikely bcs his tour XD NDololo Cr is a good guess

offline -Brook-O_C Titan  
Thursday 08/01/2009, 17:30

Uppers Leader IS NOT Zlatar!!!
It say he works FOR the Uppers!

As Korrupt Kiwi said
"He fights for the Uppers' cause but would appear to have a more personal goal in mind."

If he's fighting FOR the Uppers, he is definitely not leading them.


offline DriftingFlare Novice  
Thursday 08/01/2009, 17:48

You missed Piranas which is Bloodh and also the msot recent which is prolby after u post this is orhg which ahsn't been release thet

offline GundhamTanaka Legend The Trend
Saturday 10/01/2009, 03:51

@mphdragon Bloodh was release after i did this post.

offline divineuranium Hero Limit Break
Saturday 10/01/2009, 10:11

You left out the Piranas

offline GundhamTanaka Legend The Trend
Saturday 07/03/2009, 02:57

Same to u divine, i did this after the post, btw watch out for the best Leader survey

offline Odor Blocker Imperator  
Saturday 07/03/2009, 04:29

"Uppers Leader IS NOT Zlatar (C)!!!
It say he works FOR the Uppers!"

The comic - - is more important than the character biography. And since the B-Team arc started, Zlatar has been giving orders to all the other Uppers members, including Zatman.

offline JustDew Senior  
Saturday 07/03/2009, 05:59

On some of comics the uppers' Leader is Zlatar..

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