offline Gectou4 Legend  
Friday 17/02, 11:24

Hello smiley

I'll try to keep you in touch with the current critical bug in this first post.

You can reports new bugs here, please put the most possible informations as you can to help us to quickly identify and fix them.

It's not a support topic, for it you can contact us here :

BUG LIST : 5 / September / 2015
- Nothing critical

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offline Infiniti Moderator Open Casket
Friday 13/10, 21:16

These bugs didn't happen before this coliseum. Coincident? I think not.

Probably chaos did to confuse people who are playing vs him in coliseum

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offline Milly_tp Colossus THE_POWER
Friday 13/10, 21:29

Noticed bug yesterday in which cards with - life have it counted twice, but only does the dmg once, many screens showed 0 life but match continued like normal just with the incorrect life amount. In addition to this, the web client seems to be running into errors and completely crashing with a big page listed errors. The mobile app also had the issue of freezing on a past round that was prior to the one that the player is going through. Some of these errors can be costly so hopefully they can be resolved for web and mobile.

available YiiRo Veteran KosAzar
Saturday 14/10, 19:56

I have the Weekly LD E mission that says that I have to deal 30 damage to rivals in tourney.

I ended 5th in one of today's tourneys and I didn't get the mission. I also tried to do it while there wasn't any active tourney (just in case) and it didn't work either. I really want to get that legendary and tomorrow is the last day.

available Thoazol Operator Wise Men Distracted
Saturday 14/10, 20:13

The last mission is remove 30 life points, not deal damage.

offline Onihi Guru  
Sunday 15/10, 12:17

I just come back to UR i didn't have time to play for a while. What happend here?
I try to play arcade mode season 1 bonus stage. I using WebGL version
- The AI make me choose first 2 times on then the AI choos then me again? this is intend or its a bug?
- Can somehow Switch off the vibration of the screen its itch my nervs i cant play like this thist is terible :S
- Ever second caractes image is missing just a ? apear :S
- The missions keep poping up for me i cant make a caracter chooise for a at leest 30s its very anoying. Can i switch off.
- rivords pop up in the midle of the fight i miss them or is miss the fighet its anoying too.

available XC Pingvin Guru E X C A L I B U R
Sunday 15/10, 19:17

Hi, in game modes tourney mode and game rules -> the game -> game mode daily tournament, there are 2 different prize distribution lists, could you fix them please

offline Ramacandra Colossus Gwardia
Today at 13:49

The system does not award LD missions.
Mission History:
Weekly LD E0 pts
Win 80 Pillz in elo mode
You earned Legendary character and 0 missions points.
I should get credits because all the Ld characters I already have.
New ld character from AS is to win only in arcade?
I do not have it in the collection.
Another great bug.
The game is hanging out today.
It certainly does not encourage it to play.

offline puzzlewsky Colossus Double Stop
Today at 15:04

Bridget's ability doesn't take effect at the end of round 4 even though player isn't KOed, that ain't supposed to be the case, because as far as I know, abilities still take effect even after KO (except for gain life abilities).

offline puzzlewsky Colossus Double Stop
Today at 15:13

All right, so I read her ability description again, the ability takes effect at the start of the round. My bad!smiley

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