offline Mac_Leod Colossus Cocounts Island
Saturday 27/08/2016, 13:33

Hi Everyone,

I’m contacting you today on behalf of the company.

We felt it was time we clarified certain things regarding the company’s situation.
We should have done this two months ago, but unfortunately were thrown off course by certain events. I will now do my best to amend this situation.

As some of you may know, Boostr has gone through a very difficult period over the past two years.
This has gradually led to staff leaving, both of their own accord and not.
The company headquarters, which was based in Paris and housed the management team, was then closed down.
We could have left things at that, as was the case for Fantasy Rivals recently.
However, two members of staff wanted to keep on going, a whole team even.
So about two months ago, a company buy-out took place and the head office was moved to Carcassonne.
Determined to succeed and full of new ideas, this team now has the difficult task of breathing new life into our good old Urban Rivals.
However, the company faces staffing problems: we've gone from 20 or so employees to ten, all dedicated to the various stages of development.

For two months now, Florian (Saga) and Arnaud (Goralion) have been the official managers of Boostr.

Florian is currently in charge of project management, game design, marketing, graphics and of course administrative management.
Arnaud is in charge of technical management, front and back-end development, game design and administrative management.

Working alongside them are:

Katia (Tykatia), Office manager
Hélène (Raquella), Customer support manager: management of support providers, media management, managing translations, support in various languages, German Community Manager and help with the administrative management.
Silvano ( ChaosDragon88 ), Game Designer and Level Designer, client support in various languages, italian translator and community manager
Arcto, Artistic director: artistic direction of illustrators, illustrations and graphics.
Gaëtan (darkwingpony), Flash/unity developer: development of UR clients
Martin (rattus): graphics
Ivana (Quistis): customer support and Portuguese translations
Régis (Mac_Leod) Head of communications: relationship management, Community management, Game Design, Level Design and animation.

And there you have our team 

We understand your expectations concerning certain aspects of the game and website, and will endeavor to respond to a number of these requests in our forth-coming updates. However, we are unable to work on multiple projects at once.
So, we ask that you bear with us while we find our feet. There are several things we first need to resolve before moving onto more ambitious projects.

I think that after what happened on Tuesday when the idea was actually to “offer players more means and also to adjust a parameter that had not been changed for years”, we can conclude that we need to be a bit more rigorous in our approach, even if that means making you wait a little longer.
It’s disappointing when things don’t turn out how one would like them to. But by rushing things, we often achieve the opposite of what we wanted, and that is detrimental to you and us, as well as the game.
I will keep you regularly informed of proposed new features, which we hope you will like as much as we do. However, before each major update, we plan to operate differently and inform you BEFORE the update.

Please realize, however, that all our projects have a very specific objective, particularly the move from the Flash app to the Unity app that gives us access to game developments that we had hoped Flash might offer us.
Integration to the website of a downloadable client is not something we are going to do immediately as the necessary technology is not yet available, and given that the Unity version is more cumbersome, it would have a big impact on download times.
I would like to stress that any decisions we take will be primarily based on keeping our players happy. However, we cannot always please all our players, particularly the more senior ones who experienced Urban Rivals’ golden age and still hanker after those days (myself included).
Urban Rivals was created in 2004 and it is inevitable that now it should undergo some changes: certain steps back will never be possible.
However, we will do our best to ensure it enjoys many more happy years and, above all, that you enjoy playing it.

Happy gaming to you all!

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offline JunYiYew1095 Master  
Sunday 21/01, 11:24

Fragment idea is too random, maybe different types of fragment for different price ranges

offline Rowdy MOB Cr Moderator Masters of Battle
Sunday 21/01, 13:14

True. Would be disappointing if I got say Todd on the rare in the chances I could pull say Dragomir from fragment. That is a completely different currency from Credits, Tokenz or Clintz and difficult to manage in conjunction with Clintz if you ask me compared to Credits. But, I guess that is your opinion.

I personally like Credits as they are. It can also be used to purchase Comics and give Gold Tokenz, even buy continues of an Arcade. You even have Ld missions that grant Credits at the end or an Ld.

Market reset was done to give Rare cards value. At that time, you could buy Todd for 1.5K, however other rare Skeelz cards such as Hemdall can go as much as 40K Clintz or above at that time which would have been unfair for players who saved up credits for a good pack.

On a side note, I feel times are changing from when the notice was posted, first Mac Leod, then Raquella leaving staff, a returning as a normal player for Urban Rivals from what I heard based on the farewell lottery being held. I feel there are changes within the Admin team with that.

I still hope the game can continue.

offline LegendLD Imperator Masters of Battle
Saturday 03/02, 17:18

The market is what makes UR Unique

offline Bagadur MOB Colossus Masters of Battle
Saturday 03/02, 18:16


offline 1134MrSanders Colossus 0ld School Spirit
Wednesday 07/02, 21:02

Ive been playing this game pretty much since it started. Just for the the old school players that were playing when rathanah was 6500 clintz in the market and the only thing I wanted to save for was a graksmxxt smiley I saw the banner with Kenny and Bryan on the side of a search screen and I just felt compelled to try it out. Instantly fell in love with the game. I would be so sad if I just saw all of the time I put into it with my cards, ELO, EFC, whatever you want to call it next and rising to the top all just disappear. Thank you staff for creating a wonderful game!! If i had to use my input on the matter though, there's a couple things I would do.
I feel like everyone liked being able to give their opinion on what should be done with new arrivals and borderline acceptable cards for ELO. It made me feel like I had a say at least on what cards should be allowed. I think I might speak on behalf of anyone else reading this too when I say that. The whole EFC tower system is very confusing and you have to constantly change your deck to fit the situation which can get annoying after a while if you keep flip flopping between areas.

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