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Its a simple lay out:
Bonus if the clan is new
And a biography of you'd like

We've had this thread going for a while and so we have to pay homage to the previous thread creators
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Now this has been a favorite of mine on the forums for 8 years, so I can't wait to see your ideas!

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Thursday 24/05, 14:31

Name: Anag
Stars :5*
Ability:Backlash: Steal 1pillz and 1life (1-life and -1pillz and +1life and +1pillz to opponent)
Lore: Nothing is free... especially when u are making deals with the most powerfull gravedigger in the town. Anag learned his gravedigger skills from his master, Bapho LD .. but besides that, he know everything about making business. Even for the most insignifiant mission Anag will always ask for the biggest price

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Thursday 24/05, 15:32

Name: Yvan
Clan: Dominion
Stars: 3*
Power/Damage: 3-2/4-4/6-5
Ability: Degrowth:-5opp. atk min 6
Lore: "Not every hero need magnificent super-power... some of then needs just a really good training.. and a bit of luck... especially when u take 3-4 bullets in your chest everynight...Yeah.. i know .. super-regeneration could be a funny stuff....sometimes"---- (a reference to DEADPOOL ) smiley

Name: Gunter
Stars: 5* (he starts from 2*)
Power/Damage: 3-2/4-2/5-2/7-2
Ability: Growth: Steal 1 life (Steal= -1opp life and + 1 life to you)
Lore: Even the bravest and strongest soldiers can die.. Gunter was one of the best mans for La Junta.. but when he died.. they left them to rot until Dr.Saw relised that even with major injuries he can still be an awfull fighter. He rescued him into his lab where Gunter got new mechanical legs ... new arms .. and new guns. Basically everything was changed.. except his head ... and his mind.. Now Gunter serve GHIEST and he is ready to revenge on those who left him die-------(reference to Urgot from League of Legends).

Name: Preeze
Clan: Dominion
Stars: 4*
Ability: Stop opp bonus
Lore: The lighting can be a dangerous thing for normally people.. but who said that you need to be normal to control such a powerfull force... now.. with his new weapon..Preeze is ready to do some damage ------(reference to Thor)

Sorry for grammatical problems.

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Recreating an idea from a previous post:
Around Post 12-20 in this thread

Hellakyrie (A valkyrie)
5* 9/8
Ability: Backlash -3 Life and Pillz, min 0
Bonus: Stop. Opp Ability

Remade Bio:
Hellakyrie was originally an abomination of a woman captured by the GHEIST for experiments fused by the dark matter. This was the sort of project that would normally need the approval of Toro Cr. With his disappearance, Vryer has pretty much made whatever he feels like with repercussion of the consequences. With the Montana, Vortex, La Junta, Junkz and the other clans having battles, it is inevitable Clint City is the perfect battlefield to test Hellakyrie. After all, the more wounds she takes in, the stronger she is. She might even become stronger than Uchtul Cr who was created with a similar technique.

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Yesterday at 04:08

Dr Darren, 5* Skeelz:
3* 4/5 Shows a dark skinned man in the orange Skeelz uniform. An orange aura surrounds his hands.
4* 5/6 Cancel Opp Pwr & Dmg Modif. The aura is now in the shape of a shield, and is being held as such. Various weapons (including an axe, ninja star, bullet, and a fire hydrant) are bouncing off of it.
5* 9/6 Cancel Opp Pwr & Dmg Modif. Darren is standing atop a the school's dome, summoning an oversized shield to defend against Ymirah's club. Beside him is a beach-chair and stacks of books.

In Clint City, security is a very important resource. The Uppers have private security, the Sakrohm have Lilou, the Bangers have their reputation, and the Skeelz have Pr Darren. Formally the professor of combat, he has switched to preventing the Skeelz Academy from collateral damage. Despite protests from an overworked Cley, Darren swears its a full time job!

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Yesterday at 09:13

Unusual card idea based on my Fanfic: [RP/FANFIC] Revenge of Soul

Xing Rou-Yi: Clan: Fang Pi Clang
Stats: 6/1*, 7/2 2* 8/3 3* (Uncommon)
Ability: Purification
Bonus: Damage +2

Lv 1: Mysterious human shaped figure wearing a hockey mask, snow suit and Montana Fedora
Lv 2: Mysterious human shaped figure wearing a hockey mask, purple Montana suit and Montana Fedora carrying a briefcase
Lv 3: Mysterious figure wearing a hockey mask covered in blood, black blood stained suit, wearing a Montana Fedora with the briefcase in blood

Description: Purifcation removes the ongoing healing effects the opponent has or the regardless whether the round is won or lost. Also cancels Poisons and Healing from taking effect on the spot.

Purification can remove all forms of Heal, Regen, Dope from the opponent
Purification also cures Poison, Consume, Toxin or Infection the player is suffering under.
It also removes the effects of Morphun`s, Eklore`s and Bridget`s ability

Maximum area: EFC Tower

Bio: Poison, Lies, Deceit, Black. Of Asian origins and supposedly the half sibling of Yayoi, Soutama Miyaki studied under the Fang Pi Clang under Ashigaru. Years later, Lin Xia had attacked 5 disciples that went to Kinjo`s aid. One of the injured students, instigated this. Soutama having disappeared in the monastery history under the alias Xing Rou-Yi was a mystery. Years later, Koshiro and Lin Xia would attack the Fang Pi Clang, only to find what they are after to be long gone....

*A bio kinda exists despite the fact I have lost my bio making touch.

I just hatched an idea for the clan, Sentinel. smiley Well, two:

Spikegel (A Sentinel bounty hunter; Zhang from Sentinel's older brother)
Uncommon 4* 3/3 4/3 4/4 7/4
Revenge: Poison 2, Min 0
Appearance/Trivia: He's heavily based off of Spike Spiegel from the anime, Cowboy Bebop.
Lv. 1 art: Shows him sitting, pouring rubbing alcohol on a rag. He was not wearing his jacket. He had a black eye on the right eye and had cotton rolls in his mouth.
Lv. 2 art: Shows him full-recovered. He leans against a brick wall, smoking and made an annoyed expression when he sees criminals running with bags of money; silhouettes on the wall.
Lv. 3 art: Shows him kicking one of the criminals in the face; doing Jeet Kune Do.
Lv. 4 art: Shows him continuing beating the crap out of the criminals; making an angry expression.

ZWatch or Z-Watch (Robin's fourth robot, third was ZOrb; another fake card I made)
Rare 3* 2/2 4/2 7/2
Growth: Damage +1
Appearance/Trivia: He's based on the iWatch or the "Apple Watch" made by Apple. He turns into a six-legged robotic spider.
Lv. 1 art: Shows a close-up of Robin's hand in his pocket, wearing ZWatch.
Lv. 2 art: Shows ZWatch coming to life with four legs. Background is just a desk with Robin's revolver, a Sentinel badge, and a weird container that he had in his pocket on his level 2 art.
Lv. 3 art: Shows ZWatch pouncing in the air with now six legs, about to attack.

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