offline Divinedevek Guru Hip Hop Messiahz
Monday 16/01, 20:53

Its a simple lay out:
Bonus if the clan is new
And a biography of you'd like

We've had this thread going for a while and so we have to pay homage to the previous thread creators
6SimS-Sven (original poster)
player;344389 (part 2)
Edon EG (part 3)
SadisticCynic (part 4)
Six Nations (part 5)
AznRepublic (Part 6)
Thoazol (Part 7)
Six Nations (part smiley

Now this has been a favorite of mine on the forums for 8 years, so I can't wait to see your ideas!

offline AmberAOD30313 Guru Wise Men Distracted
Saturday 09/12, 07:23

Hey, I got another! Plus: Level concepts!! smiley

*5 9/3
Brawl: Poison 2, Min 1
Appearance/Trivia: An assassin Hive bio-droid disguised as a human Sentinel member. His human form is based of Harrison Ford's Rick Deckard from Blade Runner. Even his name is a misspelled version of "Deckard". His revealing bio-droid form though level 3 to level 5 is based of Alice from the Bayformers movies.
Bio: Rock Deekar, reporting for duty! I'm a sword chaser and I protect Clint City from that retched clan, Hive. Maana Cercei has no match for me, I'll blast her with my Sen-10 Boomer gun. She-010010110100100101001100010011000100001101001000010011000100111101000101(Bet you could translate this binary code smiley)
Level 1: Full human, smirking, showing off his badge to the players; wearing a Sentinel color palette themed outfit, similar to Deckard's in the movie.
Level 2: Evil grinning, stripping his skin from his left lower arm, reveal a light green hologram of Chloe(Lv. 5) from Sentinel.
Level 3: Angry, tearing off his skin and his clothes with his robotic light green glowing tentacles, with black lens and light green pupils, his tongue is also a robotic tentacle but flesh.
Level 4: All the bits of his skin and clothing fell away from his droid body, light green honeycomb shapes come out of his body.
Level 5: Full bio-droid, crouching on a roof of a cop car, preparing to attack.

offline Chaosishere Senior Open Casket
Saturday 09/12, 11:30

Barb : uppers


stats : 2/2
ability: +4 power and damage

offline (BB)Cthulhu Operator The Big Bang
Saturday 09/12, 19:08

Clan: Leader
Name: Ouroboros 5* 8/7
Ability: Accelerates the progress of missions 2x rate

Your mission: Inflict 200 Damage in tourney mode
You deal 5 damage, and on your hand This card.
Your mission progress get +10.


available Yurieu HoA Imperator Harbingers of Ares
Yesterday at 17:54

Defeat: +2 pillz and Life

available Rowdy MOB Cr Mediator Masters of Battle
Today at 13:07

I only got the ability right... smiley

St4rve Ld: Clan: Roots
4* 9 Power, 3 Damage
Ability: Brawl: +5 Attack

Actual Card:
2* 6 Power, 3 Damage
Ability: Brawl + 5 Attack

Given the pattern, my prediction of Dea4th is:

Clan: Roots
2* 6 Power, 1 Damage
Ability: Brawl + 1 Life Per Damage, Max 10 (So that this card is not too OP, but still a good choice and resembles some for of Death)

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