offline Jango_HOA Titan Harbingers of Ares
Friday 13/10/2017, 02:53

Hii currently im expierncing a bugged wherein you could see the enemy or yourself at 0 life but you aren't at 0 life yet, please quick fix this bug , as of today im not the only one expierncing it , also if your at 0 life you can still put card , parts of my strategy were broken due to this game breaking bug.

offline ROFLESS Master  
Friday 13/10/2017, 03:58

Im going through the same bug.

available Rowdy MOB Cr Operator Masters of Battle
Friday 13/10/2017, 04:46

I believe the Bug you are talking about occurs when the Ability: -X Life is at play.
This can also happen with Pillz. It is an issue with the App I believe.

I will post it that this forum if I were you.
Bugs/Issues: Bugs reports

offline Fusion_HoA Imperator Harbingers of Ares
Friday 13/10/2017, 11:02

Its happened to me today too - i also played a match where an ector took off to more life points than usual, leaving me with 2 life instead of 4, while his min is 3 smiley

offline Jango_HOA Titan Harbingers of Ares
Friday 13/10/2017, 11:34

Thank you for posting it , hard to play arcade with this bug haha , it's like guessing how much you need to do win smiley

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