offline ebezue Colossus  
Friday 24/11/2017, 07:13

This is a simple event where it is very easy to win.

Prize: 1 rare card + 1 new blood card!

You read that right, there can be more than one winner.
How to join?
Just PM me your answer to the question.

"Which superhero do you prefer?
Batman or Superman?"
The rule is simple, Minority wins.

Example: 21 players with these tally.
Batman votes - 11
Superman votes -10
That means that the 10 people who voted for superman wins the prize.
For this FIRST event I will limit it to the first 21 players to PM.

offline ebezue Colossus  
Sunday 26/11/2017, 01:31

@Kunta: Liar Game?
I actually am planning to invite all the winners for a round 2 with bigger prizes.(and maybe a round 3) But I have to distribute the prizes first.

1 Wayne Stark - Distributed
1 New Blood - Distributed(Adele or Chasey)
1 Rare Card - please bear with me, it may take a while. maybe later or tommorow.

offline kngo792 Master TRiNiTY
Sunday 26/11/2017, 01:32

Thanks for this awesome event!!smiley

offline Kung Fu KUNTA Colossus Piratas do Atlântico
Sunday 26/11/2017, 01:37

@ebezue Liar Game indeed smiley

offline S2JokerKnight Imperator TRiNiTY
Sunday 26/11/2017, 02:25


offline ebezue Colossus  
Sunday 26/11/2017, 02:37

All prizes are now distributed! Thank you everyone for participating!

1 Wayne Stark - Distributed
1 New Blood - Distributed(Adele or Chasey)
1 Rare Card - Distributed(Mikaal, Pedro, Toorg, Murphy, Linda, Scotty, Farman, La Calavera, Aegis, Ulrich, Raven, Rahi Sledon)

I will be doing a round 2 of this Minority Game.
And I'm inviting all the winners to join.
I'm still planning the rules so please bear with me. I will be posting a new thread soon smiley

Spoiler: Round 2 Prize will be Impera Sloane or Rex Sweig.

offline Maana CRX Colossus lonely fighters
Sunday 26/11/2017, 07:55

Awesome smiley thanks ! ;p

offline MOB Scarecrow Titan Masters of Battle
Sunday 26/11/2017, 08:17

I don't understand, Who won? smiley)

offline Slaughterous Guru Peenoise Republic
Sunday 26/11/2017, 08:46

The ones who voted batman won

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