offline OC GoldMoon Titan Open Casket
Tuesday 12/12/2017, 02:28

Hey everyone, I stopped playing for a while but I'm back and climbing the EFC ladder. Being someone who likes playing different things I'm looking for advice on which clan is best for each zone, along with some deck ideas for that clan.

While I play every clan, I prefer Jungo, Gheist and PC, so d like to fit them in somewhere

I have an extensive collection, some cards I can sell and over a million clintz, so except for some lds, I can play just about any card

offline Kung Fu KUNTA Colossus Piratas do Atlântico
Tuesday 12/12/2017, 03:19

I think that, for now, EFC is the perfect place for you to practice without worries. Try whatever you want, the first week isn't really that important. Use this time to see and adapt, then use the second week to start putting things together and the next two to play seriously. The three clans you mentioned are also good for the upper zones, so see what's available in Z Palace or at least Polit Arena and build decks around it, even if you're not there yet. Have fun!

offline Rowdy MOB Cr Operator Masters of Battle
Tuesday 12/12/2017, 03:27

Unfortunately, there is no one best clan in any given zone. Every clan is subject to a weakness as the aim of EFC is to balance Clans out.

I can recommend this GHEIST deck:
Rekt Ld, L Lace01, Draheera, Leviatonn, Hoffman, Dr Ergo, Klawz, Dolly Cr

SOA, SOB, good against GhosTown, All Stars John Doom and annoying abilities.

A Pussycats deck:
Charlie, Clover, Vixen, Ashikaze Ld, Nabrissa, Lois Ld, Roxie and Lucy

Damage reducers, some hard hitters too.

Boohma, Troompah, Buba, Rodney, Mindy, Pegh, Nyema Cindy

Support, +20 Attack, Power

Tough call, but consider what others are using as well and make an appropriate strategy.

Watch out on the lower zones for the following:
Behemoth, Pandora, Quetzal, Emeth Cr, Serafina. These cards can interfere with your strategy.

Pay attention to John Doom. While he is weak, some opponents are dangerous with John Doom in their decks.

offline Rowdy MOB Cr Operator Masters of Battle
Tuesday 12/12/2017, 03:29

I say pay attention to John Doom because -2 Opp. Power and Damage is really a lot with other powe reducers.

John Doom has 7 Power, 3 Damage, but with most cards in lower zones, he can prove to make challenging combinations.

offline OC GoldMoon Titan Open Casket
Tuesday 12/12/2017, 03:33

Those look like good decks, and I've played variations on them.

My question was more about what clans have advantage on which zone due to the cards available to them

offline 0 Blayn Guru Harbingers of Ares
Wednesday 13/12/2017, 15:36

I always climb with the same deck from starting zone -> Polit

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