offline Saga Admin La Congrégation de l'Ombre
Friday 23/02, 09:34

We’re offering you a mini lottery this weekend: every pack purchased is a chance to get your hands on General Cr, and there are 20 to be won over the course of the weekend.
The winners will be informed by email on Monday, February 26th.
To increase your chances of winning one of the 20 Crs, make the most of the deal on our New Blood packs which is valid from now until Sunday at 6pm (GMT+1).

offline Tricky 1 Eternal Harbingers of Ares
Thursday 01/03, 14:23

+1M ghelas comment smiley

available The Stepson Colossus URBAN MADNESS
Thursday 01/03, 14:31

Yeah...ok...all valid points, but...

wait, no buts!
they have absolutely nothing with the demand from the very own community your are talkiing to to make the results of a specific event public...and until now, no satisfying explanations for why not doing it has come out.
and that is pretty much deafing loud.

Just think about fromthe psychologic point of view.

Regards (and this, plus 1 Zillion...come on)

offline Isolator GUB Mediator GUB PRO
Thursday 01/03, 15:43

"Guys. This game is so old, so" much ish happened over all that time and a short response like this could be used to easily build some trust again.

Fixed that for you. smiley

And no... it's not me I'm talking about. I really don't care.
But it's clear to see that there are players with suspicion.

offline ghelas Titan E X C A L I B U R
Thursday 01/03, 18:37

Releasing the list would probably be a good move. If it were up to me, I would definitely do it. But I have a sneaking suspicion that for lots of people complaining about the list, it isn't really about the list. If the list was released today, they would feel a brief sense of validation... Next week, they would be back here complaining about something else. For them, that is a normal part of the game at this point. smiley

Why not just skip this unnecessary us-vs-them thing and enjoy the game for what it is?

offline batdut5 Colossus Open Casket
Thursday 01/03, 18:57

Have any of you thought about what would happen if staff released a list with all the winners name on?

If they did release that list, those winners will be spammed down by a lot of people who want to buy their cr. Some those people might try cheating the winners to get a cheap big 5 card.

offline ghelas Titan E X C A L I B U R
Thursday 01/03, 19:09

Exactly. There is no solution that will be fair to everyone. It's like this with lots of cases because many players have completely opposing goals: Guy A wants transparency and Guy B wants privacy, Guy A wants free play and Guy B prefers to spend money but wants big rewards for it, etc. Maybe it's time to stop treating these issues like there's an objectively correct choice. smiley

offline Infiniti Moderator Open Casket
Thursday 01/03, 19:54

I'm wondering why you guys even want the list? The winners can clearly make themselves known if they want to.

available Turgoyak Colossus Mystical Shadow Team
Friday 02/03, 04:58

Thinking of why we should not do sth and giving reasons why it could be bad once done is counterproductive. As for me, I stated my reasons above. It is not about complaints, it is feedback based on experience. There is a discussion on a feature of the game by its users. It is understood that by default everyone who takes part agrees to the conditions of the event. No-one can be objective about anything. Respect opinions as long as they do not offend.

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