offline OC_Nobita Novice  
Friday 25/05, 15:40

Today only I've reached lev 40.. Was thinking about creating an event since long time, this will be first of them.. - Ultra Kill (Season 1)
The rules are quite simple for this event.. So please join, rate, review and enjoy it guys..
For any other details. You can PM me smiley
I'll make sure there are no mistakes but incase of any mistakes, I'll make sure to correct em asap..

Thank You and Enjoy! smiley

offline Liluzivert Hero  
Friday 25/05, 18:15


offline OC_Nobita Novice  
Friday 25/05, 19:43

Joinnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn Guysssssssssssssssss

offline OC_Nobita Novice  
Sunday 27/05, 04:50

4 spots left

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