offline Beerus_cr Guru Vasteria
Saturday 26/05, 03:04

Hello again everyone, i wanted to know you all's opinion on this topic at hand. Do you think the Skeelz clan is long over due for a buff?

I do, i think this because the Skeelz are potrayed as master spell casters. So in order to reflect this, it's only natural that their abilities be very strong to make up for a not so great but "great" bonus.

The Skeelz clan as a whole are weak to many stat manipulating clans and at this point, I'm lead to believe that the Hive, nightmare and sakrohm clans have way stronger abilities than the skeelz on average along with stat and bonus manipulation.

Whenever i use this clan in battle, i feel like I'm at a considerable disadvantage when pit against opposing clans other than the gheist and roots.

Here's my solutions to the issue:

1) Remove all conditionals from Skeelz characters.
*conditional abilities are limiters to characters so they won't be too powerful. Since the clan's abilities are all that they have for offense, it's only right that the conditionals be removed to make up for the bonus' lack of lethality in non SOA Scenarios.

2) Solid results for winning or losing the round.
*variation between outcomes with a clan thats so easy to manipulate is not good. +4 Life is better than +1 life per damage with a character's base damage of 4.

3) lower minimums and higher maximums
*poison, opponent life - and attack - minimums should be lowered as well.

In short, stronger abilities are needed for this clan specifically.
Anyone agree?

offline LegendLD Imperator Masters of Battle
Sunday 15/07, 16:39

Junkz Sakhrohm Sentinel along with jungo and frozn are really outdated
The attack manipulation ones are still used but with the increase in base powers their bonus has become quite weak.
Jungo just dont have any good cards (good to make decent decks) and are not even used in elo.
Frozn is just too predictable with no good opening cards.

Ik thses clans are still played but they need a bit of revamp

available Yurieu HoA Imperator Harbingers of Ares
Sunday 15/07, 17:05

Excess Ld
Regina (3*, 4* or 5*)

Makes a very powerful jungo half.

LegendLD u never mentioned Berzerk?! Berzerks bonus is shitty and almost noone plays them ever and since the only good cards banned in DT theres no good reason to play them.

offline coach71 Veteran Harbingers of Ares
Monday 16/07, 02:10

cats- Most cards don't do direct damage anymore and are played or a strong ability like -life etc, their bonus isn't as strong as it once was.
fang pi
la junta
frozn- Have to lose to get their bonus.

Those are my picks for the clans that are in need of a buff, skeelz isn't one of them.

offline ladiesman16 Colossus Vasteria
Monday 16/07, 02:15

I'd have to say I agree with that list.


Jungo are still strong as +life is always relevant, hence all life per damage cards are so strong.


All crazy strong cards that I hardly see played for jungo, I think people spend too much time looking at base stats and not abilities.

offline anzboy Colossus Open Casket
Wednesday 18/07, 05:25

Skeelz is definitely not among the bottom clans

The very lowest I would say is berserk
Their bonus has very little point to it oh wow it help bypass dr, most people play dr min 1 and 2 cards highest people will go is min 3 unless its a card like cindy.
So even if it bypass some damage odds are part of your damage still gets dr . Also Defeat:+life is better than dr in countering berserk too since unless you ko the +life can technically block their bonus too.

Of the life gapping bonus clans they are definitely at the bottom. Min 2 is probably the most unnecessary part of their bonus since damage is applied first then life abilities so their bonus can only help set up ko no do them

Among their best cards are backlash cards with only their ld who really deserve it now after her rework as the game aged, so they definitely have real outdated cards

offline jerromy Master Harbingers of Ares
Wednesday 18/07, 06:19

I all ways thought berserk should of been -2 life min 1 really. cause there so easy to go around. smiley

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