offline Beerus_cr Master Vasteria
Saturday 26/05, 03:04

Hello again everyone, i wanted to know you all's opinion on this topic at hand. Do you think the Skeelz clan is long over due for a buff?

I do, i think this because the Skeelz are potrayed as master spell casters. So in order to reflect this, it's only natural that their abilities be very strong to make up for a not so great but "great" bonus.

The Skeelz clan as a whole are weak to many stat manipulating clans and at this point, I'm lead to believe that the Hive, nightmare and sakrohm clans have way stronger abilities than the skeelz on average along with stat and bonus manipulation.

Whenever i use this clan in battle, i feel like I'm at a considerable disadvantage when pit against opposing clans other than the gheist and roots.

Here's my solutions to the issue:

1) Remove all conditionals from Skeelz characters.
*conditional abilities are limiters to characters so they won't be too powerful. Since the clan's abilities are all that they have for offense, it's only right that the conditionals be removed to make up for the bonus' lack of lethality in non SOA Scenarios.

2) Solid results for winning or losing the round.
*variation between outcomes with a clan thats so easy to manipulate is not good. +4 Life is better than +1 life per damage with a character's base damage of 4.

3) lower minimums and higher maximums
*poison, opponent life - and attack - minimums should be lowered as well.

In short, stronger abilities are needed for this clan specifically.
Anyone agree?

available Rowdy MOB Cr Operator Masters of Battle
Saturday 02/06, 06:12

Personally as an expert in card stats and have an understanding on realistically strong cards and the circumstances which staff design cards, I`d give some input on the card stats.

The first card, I find it unlikely. Sure it is killshot, but unlikely. If it were something such as Drakorah Cr or Surstorming
Say a 8/5 Killshot -6 Opp. Life, Min 0 or 9/1 Killshot -7 Opp Life, Min 0, that is more likely to pass. -11 Life is a bit overkill and unlikely to pass. The biggest life Reducer I have seen is -7 Life, and generally acceptable in UR. If Life Reduction had a maximum, I`d say the most a single card should be able to remove is 8.

Reason being Cannibal Jo Cr and Maximus, cards deemed acceptable and not overly broken when pitted against other cards of the same caliber can reduce damage up to 8. In fairness, Damage reduction does not aid towards winning a match, and the reason why many high damage reducers have a low minimum.

Second card. 6/8 4*. Promising. It is not new to me seeing players propose cards of such cards. I think such a card is possible. I don`t like the ability as it is unreasonable for a 4 Star. It is comparable to Emeth. if it were +1 Attack per Life Points Left or something else such as Attack +13, then I think it is reasonable.

Third card. 7/4 3*. Try Brawl +1 Pillz. I think Skeelz is good already with their Support and they do not have much options with Brawl. It can be comparable to Newell from Riots. My concern with Support is that it limits the capabilities of Skeelz in half decks.

Fourth card is more realistic. If it is a Vortex card, I would raise the minimum to 6 for Pillz control.

Fifth card is the most realistic if you ask me. It can compete with a variety of cards. 8/8. Not a bad idea. However my premonition is that such a card will come as a 8/7, 9/6 or 7/8. Not an 8/8.

Even for another clan, I think it is feasible.

From experience and what I witness, I notice an OP card will come out when the circumstances of the Clan not being used and gameplay often are taken to consideration. But that is my opinion and insight.

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