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ELO rules:

1.) Deck composition

Deck composition in ELO is very important in order to succeed in the game. You can either play using a mono-clan (single clan) or bi-clan (two clans). The option is very open and wide for you to pick from so let your imagination go wild.

→ 1.1) Pure maxed card deck

In order to make a good deck using all maxed cards. You need to ensure a well balanced combination. For this to be effective, consider factors such as ability, power, bonus and clan combinations.

Ex: les piranas atomiques

→ 1.2) Deck with unevolved cards

The use of cards with stable statistics at their lower level is very popular in ELO to save star count. These unevolved cards are often used as fillers.

Ex: L-I-O-N-H-E-A-R-T-H (The unevolved card used here have the same ability for his maxed level so it saved the player 1 extra star count to use for the rest of the deck) & deleted

→ 1.3) Deck with a Leader

Each Leader in the game have different unstoppable abilities. Many people use them for this reason. It will be your decision which Leader you want to use in your deck.

Ex: Barre chocomuscle féline (Eyrik (R) was used to complement All Star’s bonus)

**NB: With the new ELO voting system, you also need to consider banned cards for each week when making a deck**

2.) Game play strategy

→ 2.1) Pillz use

You can use pillz to multiply your character’s power to the get total attack in your battles. Remember the higher the attack of your characters, the more chances of you winning the fight so use your pillz wisely. At the beginning of your fight you will start off with 12 pillz. It is your decision how you want to spread this out with all your 4 characters in your draw.

You can also use pillz to boost the damage you can inflict to your opponent when you win.

→ 2.2) Strategies

→ 2.2.1) Bluff

Knowing an effective way to bluff is important in all aspects of the game. “A bluff is trying to make your opponent believe you are going to play the obvious way but instead you play offbeat.”

→ 2.2.2) Letting cards through

In your fights you need to weigh if it is worth wasting your pillz trying to beat a very power card or just let it through. Keep in mind that many people might use these cards as a bluff to make you waste your pillz.

→ 2.2.3) Offensive vs defensive game style

In your fight you can either choose to be an offensive player or a defensive one or a combination of both. Offensive game play is done when you use your cards assertively in a battle ensuring you win with these cards. Defensive game play is often played with cards that have (&ndashsmiley damage as an ability/bonus.

* As per the links given above

offline rtgames Imperator LOS TITINES
Tuesday 03/04/2012, 15:34

Hello, I am having a problem in ELO mode. Iplayed 9 games today but my ranking after each fight was of 0. If I look at my battle history all the fights show a 0 ELO ranking, but if I look at my player page, my ranking is of 1078, the same ranking I had yesterday.

Is there a problem with the website? What is happening?

thank you for your help

offline deatheagle8765 Veteran  
Sunday 29/07/2012, 14:46

If it's Ghiest or roots ld week Skeelz will have a large advantage also Piranha 's and Nightmare

offline MajorBunny Imperator Agent of Mystery
Sunday 05/08/2012, 10:59

Yeah well my problem is that I can't think of a elo team if mono clan ulu wats

offline For_Justice Hero  
Saturday 01/09/2012, 09:42

Can i have a gulid ? please add me ?

offline CEO Rolfe Imperator The Arcane Forest
Sunday 09/09/2012, 18:06

When you k0ed do you lose my elo i find a correlation

offline -rete11 Titan PokiMaBuoni
Thursday 01/11/2012, 11:57

My mono roots fumati un fiore

offline Freeko83 Veteran  
Thursday 29/11/2012, 02:50

Best clan

offline Saveroftime Hero TRiNiTY
Monday 10/12/2012, 04:38

Barre chocomuscle féline > 3 non-elo .. Darn it smiley Peoples should at least take care of those 4 decks that TnT_MeRm knight gave..
How can peoples in elo ? Gosh my lowest is 926 smiley hights 1250 something smiley

offline Saveroftime Hero TRiNiTY
Monday 10/12/2012, 05:14

*win in elo

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