Thursday 19/09/2013, 19:29

Dear fellow players in the Urban Rivals Community,
I am here to offer my editing tool to help YOU!
To keep threads looking pretty, and to keep the main post as accurate as possible, I will happily edit any and all updates to your thread's main post!
Please comment below with the following:

- Thread link
- Updates (simply a list of cards and or prices)
- Any fancy form you want to add (stars, smiley faces, etc.)
- Any change to the thread name that you would like to have done.

After completion, I will comment here "done smiley" and that will signify your changes have been made and are up to date smiley

Happy marketing!
Sir B00BY

edited by Sir B00BY thursday 19/09/2013, 19:29

Monday 02/09/2013, 12:34
Diyo Cr
2 Kreen Cr
Beltran Cr
Swidz Cr
Chad Bread Cr 0xp

Monday 02/09/2013, 12:35

Oh you already did it lol

Monday 02/09/2013, 19:12

Yes smiley

Monday 02/09/2013, 19:15

Please change Nahi and Vickie to Chad Bread Cr 0xp (once in title & once in subject)

Thanks smiley

Monday 02/09/2013, 19:18

Done smiley

Wednesday 04/09/2013, 02:46


Booby has taken a great initiative in forum moderating smiley

I can offer the same service Booby does as well. Just feel free to PM me if you need help.

Hope I'm not "stealing" your business Booby xD

Wednesday 04/09/2013, 03:01

Rich I'd love to have you help! Please subscribe to this thread. I would prefer no one to PM as we can keep all evidence etc here for easy access. Please keep all updates to this thread and Richliu or I will update them all smiley

Wednesday 04/09/2013, 04:15

Okay Booby, subscribed smiley

Wednesday 04/09/2013, 04:16



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