offline Euzebe Colossus Open Casket
Monday 17/11/2008, 13:08

Hello all !

You're new in town or an old inhabitant of Clint City, introduce yourself here.
Who are you ? When did you arrive in town ? What is the name of your beloved pet ? Do you prefer chocolate ice cream or sauerkraut hot dogs (with chocolate too if you want) ?

This thread is not made to recruit people in your guild, just to know each other better smiley

offline Kate Urban Rivals Staff  
Monday 17/11/2008, 13:13

smiley sorry, Euzebe, I am bashful smiley

offline -Brook-O_C Titan  
Monday 17/11/2008, 13:32

I'm Lexaeus V, i live in Narvik, Norway, and i'm a wrestler.
I'm in a great guild called guild:303291.
It'a a great guild with active members!
Join today and get a free chocolate cake, OR Ice cream!
We have a wide selection of chocolate, cream and even apple cake!
So do your choice in flavours!
I personally choose the chocolate, but what do you choose?

Lexaeus V

offline Alfa-Tiger-OC Hero  
Monday 17/11/2008, 13:52

I am Alfa-Tiger, I live in Tønsberg, Norway and I'm a swimmer, singer and a guitarist.
I'm a admin of the wonderfull guild ?id_guild=303291
I love to draw and if you wish to see some of my drawings click here:


offline -Cypher- Imperator Open Casket
Monday 17/11/2008, 13:54

Hi all, my name is Cypher, but you can all call me......Cypher
Lots of you have probably seen me around or dealt with me in some way, shape or form, I'm that guy that started the whole profile pic thing a few months ago. I'm one of the more "mature" players in this game at the ripe-old age of 22 smiley, I try to be as friendly and courteous to all those that deserve it smiley

As of tonight I'm the only non-moderator admin in my guild T_T But I'll get over it because there are already two great mods in my corner of the planet (Force Majeure and 0UC_MeRMaiD). I think it's great to see so many new mods in the ranks, it'll mean more forum activity for us all and less of those nasty cheaterssmiley. I don't take kindly to cheaters, so if you plan on cheating or breaking the rules you're better off not letting me know as I WILL report it to the powers that be.

I'm a keen lover of Film and Gaming, I especially love animation which is why I'm pursuing a life long career in animation (and fx). I'm half-way there, a few more years of learning and doing cruddy jobs and I'll have made the grade smiley I have the liberty of working and studying from home most of the time, which is why I'm on UR so often, I find it a good way of breaking up my working day and relieving some stress when I run into problems.

To finish up I'll respond to my old friend Euzebe's question.......Sauerkraut Hot Dogs, hold the Chocolate smiley

offline -Grave Lie- Legend URBAN MADNESS
Monday 17/11/2008, 14:23

Hello, Clint City! I'm -Grave Lie-. I was formerly know as BlackDove and Dice XIII. I became a resident of Clint City on July 25, 2008. I'm currently (check the date of this post) a member of West Coast, and a former member of URBAN MADNESS and Philippine Legionnaires Guild (check these guilds out). My favorite clan is the Nightmare. My fave card is Zatman. My fave phrase is, "You can't have slaughter without laughter." I'm kinda like the advertiser of my current guild, but I sometimes give support to UM. smiley I only had one arguement in my whole Clint City life and it was with Kiddman ( SOB Deck ), which was resolved peacefully in the end. I also refused the rare card StormWhispher was about to award me since I violated a rule which she didn't notice (the no-fury rule in the first rare card tourney). That's about it. Thank you to all those that bothered to read about me.

Happy gaming everybody! smiley

offline 104scradley Novice the world champions
Monday 17/11/2008, 16:43

Hi im 104scradley i live 350km west of sydney australia i like warhammer
i arrived in clint city afew weeks ago i live on a farm and have 3 dogs 2 cats a bird and 2 horses lol
i prefer chocolat and what the heck are sauerkraut hot dogs and im looking for friends

offline Jus CBA Hero  
Monday 17/11/2008, 18:17

Hey im broly most people call me brolly lol its usually raining in england so i don't mind =p i play mostly in fight club as i shouldn't talk about it because first rule about fight club is you dont talk about fight club i live in a small city called london smiley i don't have any pets as im mostly allergic to them but not there fault there so furry and deadly i look foward to playing urban rivals for along time my imposable aim is level 100 before 2012 smiley

offline XC 1984 Imperator E X C A L I B U R
Monday 17/11/2008, 18:43

Hi im 1984 (name from a book) im a pretty expirenced player with just recently 2 years of expirence on this game
i have an account for youtube where i do UR vids

offline UM-Pinstripe Senior URBAN MADNESS
Monday 17/11/2008, 18:44

Hey im pinstripe, im from a small town in the uk called daventry, ive been playing UR for about a year nowsmiley, ive been in a few guilds, starting with scum of clint city, made by broly (above), followed by a guild i made myself called energize (which sadly fell apart due to many reasons, i then formed a guild called urban madness which im still founder of and the guild is going strong smiley, i prefer strwaberry ice cream (just to be awkward)smiley, and thats pretty much it smiley, my aim is to firstly get guru cr, and then hopefully become divinity (very much doubt it though) smiley, i would also like to reach lvl 100 before i quit the game smiley

thanks smiley

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