Sunday 18/11/2012, 06:14

Whether you like or hate current ELO, post your ideas for how to make it better here!!

Here's mine: As I mentioned in another thread, DT rewards have grown so much that they completely overshadow ELO rewards for all but a handful of consistently amazing players.

ELO is IMO the hardest mode there is. How about some random incentives for players who aren't constantly in the top 100? Let's call these... "ELO boxes."

Here's how an ELO box would work: After playing a certain pseudo-random amount of games above 1200 rating (for example, 10-15 games) a player would receive an ELO box. These could be opened, with some flashy, special-looking animation on the website, and might reveal...

50%: Small prize: A few hundred Clintz, 30 tickets for the slot machine, small chance of a random common card.
30%: Medium prize: A credit, 50 tickets, somewhat small chance of a thousand clintz, small chance of a random uncommon card.
15%: Large prize: 2-3 credits, 200 tickets, somewhat small chance of two thousand clintz, small chance of a random rare card.
5%: "Jackpot" Prize: 10 credits, 3 credits plus a random uncommon card, 1 credit plus a random rare card, etc.
...and one Lucky "Jackpot" box winner per day would receive a CR valued at 50k clintz or more.

Interestingly enough, this sort of incentive would also give good players a reason to try to beat their old scores, since falling out of Top 100 wouldn't mean you've effectively reduced your chances of winning anything good to 0.

Sunday 18/11/2012, 07:16

Prohibit Olding in ELO, that'll make me think (at the least) of playing ELO again.

hmm... Great ideas to initiate more players towards ELO. If this was the case, I'd stop dual accumulating credits through DTs and even play ELO past 5 games per week smiley

"ELO is IMO the hardest mode there is. How about some random incentives for players who aren't constantly in the top 100? Let's call these... "ELO boxes."" ... Amen smiley

Sunday 18/11/2012, 07:19

A fair balanced strategic format is all the incentive we need.. not carrots
oh wait different thread

on a serious note, yep aiming for top 100 is not enough incentive for many players to push on... considering that of the 12 Cr prizes, about 3 of them is quite low value

1390s get you top 100 these days it seems... smiley I remember when 1420 would not get you a sniff at top 100

this is not a problem with the ELO reward system, this is a problem with DT looking more attractive for Cr winning purposes vs. time investment

i think something simpler like +5 more credits for top 100 might work.

Sunday 18/11/2012, 07:27

Waster, I was totally wrong when I said that about Standard... I will now happily concede that we do need carrots. You were right! smiley

Regardless -- I do and did always think that said carrots should be doled out in proportion. DT is both easier to play and easier to gain from... Of course that will sway some players who previously might have spent more time in the ELO room. Give the players that struggle for 1200 and 1300 something nice, too, and you will see more ELO play. You may be right that a few extra credits are all that's needed, but I think something a little more flashy would attract a new crowd to ELO.

Sunday 18/11/2012, 10:37

What is "olding"?

Sunday 18/11/2012, 10:56

More elo missions. Missions right now only act as milestones.


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