offline Shanks Guru Event team E X C A L I B U R
Wednesday 05/12/2012, 18:17

This is unclear, you are offering those full clans? or specific cards from the clans mentioned?

offline ClintZWud Colossus LIBERTADORES DA AMÉRICA
Wednesday 05/12/2012, 19:25

Got most of what you want? What Frozn do you have? How many Annuqua ?

offline CC C4mb3rc1t0 Colossus  
Thursday 06/12/2012, 13:52

Sorry.. only Frozn and Vortex offer a complete clan.

offline CC C4mb3rc1t0 Colossus  
Friday 07/12/2012, 04:56

@ClintzWud Ok

offline CC C4mb3rc1t0 Colossus  
Friday 07/12/2012, 05:25

Hey guys! review the update:

Now I am loking specially these cards:

Bangers: Shogunn
Junkz: Sferik Nobrodroid Gil Rowdy Peeler
Freaks: Quasichoco Crassus Olga
La Junta: Jane Ramba Cr
Frozn: Eliska
Piranas: Amiral Coco Miss Lizbeth
Nightmare: Ozzy
Fang Pi Clang: Nekurenbo
Skeelz: Praxie
FPC: Fei
Pussycats: Clover

I offer some cards of these clans:

Vortex, Ulu Watu, Frozn and others. Ask me any question. I hear all suggestions.


offline ZacharyThomas Colossus Harbingers of Ares
Friday 07/12/2012, 06:01

It would help you if you wrote what you have from the clans you listed for trade. smiley

If you do I might make some offers.

offline CC C4mb3rc1t0 Colossus  
Friday 07/12/2012, 06:47

Mods close the sale because the title its not clear

I will remake the sale

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