Friday 01/07/2011, 11:42

It’s summer time and vacations in the sun in Clint City. Will we see new couples getting together? Gordon and Felicia both love water, but she spends all her time diving in it, while he uses it to put out fires. Victoria and Stiko are mad about big guns but he uses his for paint ball while she prefers to fire real bullets... No, when all’s said and done it’s a lot easier to fight one another than get it on!Get these characters in the shop's packs

Friday 01/07/2011, 11:45

Can't wait to see what Victoria's ability is. No 5 stars this release though. That is weird. Well if you would like to see the new cards final arts, check out Summer in the Sun

Friday 01/07/2011, 11:58

No staples but all playable.

Friday 01/07/2011, 12:00

The artwork on the cards keeps getting better and better.

Friday 01/07/2011, 12:04

In all honesty...
...this release sucks. Depends on Victoria's ability I guess, but the rest don't have anything that says 'wow' about them. Maybe I'm underestimating these new cards but I certainly wouldn't use any myself (again, depends on Victoria).

Friday 01/07/2011, 12:05

Its really funny to see that half of the UR community is in an uproar thinking Victoria just does not have an ability XD. Her card says ability unlocked at level 2, and her ability would say no ability if there wasn't one, not a blank. I've heard its Stop: -3 power min 1, though correct me if I'm wrong.

Friday 01/07/2011, 12:41

Like this release. Bunch of decent cards that, admittedly, lack any hyper-"WOWNEEEEED"-effect. Affordable, playable. Nice cards.
On the other hand, means I'll have to wait for the price of Cortez to drop for another 14 days, since noone will go on a buying spree for these and many new Cortez will surface, but, hey, not the end of the world.

Friday 01/07/2011, 12:43

Its stop -3 power min 1. Ipod told me dat

Friday 01/07/2011, 12:57

I'm agree wuth GalaxyDragon
nothing special in this release,
why not release Berzerk this week??

Friday 01/07/2011, 12:58

Meh, they are all pretty situational.
But hey, try em' out gang, maybe we are missing something.


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