Monday 13/02/2012, 12:05

The M.O.B Wants ACTIVE Members

The Masters Of Battle (also known as The M.O.B) was founded by MrKingpin, in an ambition to gather Clint City's greatest fighters. Since then, The M.O.B has expanded it's operations and is now involved in many different but equally legal activities, such as negotiations, shipping, and retail. The M.O.B is also rumored to be involved in several incidents, such as funding for GHEIST, and the supply of victims for the Nightmare Clan. But to this day, no one has stood out to testify. The M.O.B is still very active these days, and nothing goes on in Clint City that they don't know about.

So are you LvL 25 and up?
Do you want one of the older guild in the English community?
Do You want Active Boards and helpful members?
Do you want some events and contest?
Most of all Do you wanna have FUN?

If you said yes join today!!! Masters of Battle

The M.O.B Rules

Monday 13/02/2012, 20:25

Want fun active guild..with bit madness chucked in..then MOB is the place for you..
so come on...we waiting smileysmiley

Monday 13/02/2012, 21:39

Don't hesitate. Join up today! smiley

Wednesday 15/02/2012, 08:16

I have been a member for quite a while already(somewhere in lvl 30's if I recall that correctly). Been in a few guilds before but none quite did he trick to me. They where inactive or just not fun. MOB is the whole package. Lots of great members.

Thursday 16/02/2012, 19:11

Join up the MoB is a GREAT guild smiley

Friday 17/02/2012, 17:37

Great guild is great smiley Go M.o.B. smiley

Saturday 18/02/2012, 16:56

Hey, I just hit 25 the other day and was looking for a guild.
Are you guys still recruiting?

Saturday 18/02/2012, 17:32

Yes we are

Sunday 19/02/2012, 09:06

We are Fun, Active and have plenty of bonuses to take advantage of. Join up today!

Masters of Battle

Monday 20/02/2012, 14:35

Come join The MOB. Great guild mates always willing to help


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