offline netibuki Master  
Saturday 17/11/2007, 19:40

How am i supposed to participate in tournaments organised by players

offline Anger_HM Hero Hueco Mundo
Saturday 17/11/2007, 22:10

Well when they asked who to enter you just post your name in the forum

offline DarkMagic Colossus THE_POWER
Sunday 18/11/2007, 22:06

Well it depends for each player, each player posts his/her rules for the tournament some players give you to sell any card or they sell you any other for the tournament´s cost, then is only follow the rules which was given by the organizersmiley

offline fuqua Master The_Demoniak_Of_Elo
Monday 19/11/2007, 22:16

U just say "I'm in dude" ...or crate one xD

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