offline harvstar12 Veteran  
Wednesday 14/02/2007, 19:25

Hi everone im doing a tourament up to 10 players
when there is ten i will decide who plays who
1st prize is a free uranus 2nd maybe a new card im buying
3rd nothing but if u want to take part just say can i play

soo any players and im not in it soo ehos up for it

offline 0- JP Imperator † OVER KILL †
Friday 16/02/2007, 20:27

Clintydudevo, i guess i forfeit my match with you and give my place to 0-SUPREMO NN since im only using one account to play in this tournament. My opponent is only Dead_Finga K9.
GGs! smiley

offline Gazelle28 Imperator  
Friday 16/02/2007, 21:17

Hey Harvstar??? So i fight clintydudevo>>

offline ravvel Hero  
Friday 16/02/2007, 21:22

0-JP and supremo, nice to see more pictures like that in this game, everybody should follow your example and this will be a much more fun beautiful game to play smiley

offline laptocx Senior !!!!dragons of senegal!!!
Saturday 17/02/2007, 06:23

smiley im in yo

offline Clintydude PI Veteran NOYP!
Saturday 17/02/2007, 07:34

So supremo what the gmt time difference between me and you

offline kingdomofheart Senior  
Saturday 17/02/2007, 13:11

Im in.......

offline Gazelle28 Imperator  
Saturday 17/02/2007, 13:37


offline Hwx Senior  
Saturday 17/02/2007, 14:30

It liked to enter in the match

offline I_am_Rav Hero Indonesia Raya
Saturday 17/02/2007, 18:34

Im playing...

offline 0 Dark Army Imperator The Flying Dutchman
Saturday 17/02/2007, 21:09

Raven, you like my picture too smileysmiley

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