Wednesday 14/02/2007, 19:25

Hi everone im doing a tourament up to 10 players
when there is ten i will decide who plays who
1st prize is a free Uranus 2nd maybe a new card im buying
3rd nothing but if u want to take part just say can i play

soo any players and im not in it soo ehos up for it

Saturday 24/02/2007, 13:33

Sorry siddhant the tournament is already in the final

Monday 26/02/2007, 04:31 beat Jericho78-EVO (5-1) - you received : 1 points and 1 clintz were annihilated by Jericho78-EVO (0-12) - you received : 3 points and 4 clintz lost against Jericho78-EVO (6-12) - you received : 10 points and 5 clintz (timeout) narrowly escaped from Jericho78-EVO (12-10) - you received : 16 points and 7 clintz (timeout) narrowly escaped from Jericho78-EVO (12-10) - you received : 14 points and 7 clintz beat Jericho78-EVO (4-0) - you received : 17 points and 7 clintz

Uranus pls in priv sales, smiley
Jericho78-EVO still gets a free card for 2nd place, smiley

GGs! smiley

Monday 26/02/2007, 07:16

Thanks for posting bro, that match was rigged with timeouts and sudden crashes....and for a person who complains I'm slow, you sure are slow as well. LOL Anyway, I still get a card??? Ooh cool, wonder what is it? Thanks harvstar and everyone.

Monday 26/02/2007, 07:56

Right o jp nn u are
being a bit funny becuse
the final is in 2 wekks time
jerchio youre still in
sorry o jp nn but youre
gonna have to play a re match

sorry but the final is in 2 weeks
i will say jerchio vs o jp nn
and then u can play the
final and
jerchio and o jp nn

do u both have 2000 clintz
or more just say
i have whatever u have

Monday 26/02/2007, 08:04

Harvstar needs to give o jp nn a Uranus
and jericho 78 a new card

Monday 26/02/2007, 10:15

What? We have to wait for another two weeks to play the finals?? Ouch why that long? Why do you need the 2000?

Monday 26/02/2007, 12:36

Omg, can we just say that we did the finals in advanced... but sure, put in my private sales for that price... i'll just wait, we can say that my entrance for this tournament is the 2000.
its cool... smiley
GGs! smiley

Monday 26/02/2007, 13:01

This guy must get his facts staight only after he says that ther is a entrance fee

Monday 26/02/2007, 13:08

I agree, but it was fun! smiley

Monday 26/02/2007, 13:12

There is a tournament open posted by me if you wana join


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