offline AoEM Tarr Legend Army of Elite Mercenaries
Tuesday 02/01/2007, 03:03

I think that the rate of 3 Cr cards given per week is inappropriate cos if we take you have 3:25 chance of winning and about 1:4 to end up in top 25 (there are about hundred skilled players out there) you will have to play about 10 years before collecting all Cr cards... Sure, you can also buy them on market - but it will be somewhere over 10 milion clintzs (which will cost about 3.000 euro) or you will have to play two regular tournaments per day for about 15 years always ending in top 10 to earn 9M clintz... so I think that the Urban stuff should find another way how to distribute Cr cards among us players or increase number of cards given per one ELO tournament... I've already spent about 100 euro on this game and believe me that it is more than enough for student like me... I like this game much but I wont spend neither 3000 euro nor 10 years of my life just to collect Cr cards... I hereby call upon other players to support me in my request!!!

offline AoEM Tarr Legend Army of Elite Mercenaries
Monday 15/01/2007, 02:05

So what u trying to say that if some uncommon card like Nanook maybe (nearly everyone has Nanook cos its cheap and powerfull) become cr card it will immediately has 500k clints on market? maybe in a year time it will, but in a year time cards that are cr now will have above 1m clints even if theyre commons or not...

offline mavarush21 Senior champion si llevado
Monday 15/01/2007, 02:26

U know if cr cards is in the elo tournament most of other ppl will lose hope in getting to the top 25 just like me cuz even the weakest cr i don't have.......and the persons who have cr and those who don't is like 10:5 so it will be unfair for those ppl who don't have.....but I would like to ask any of the staff to increase clintz per fight to the max of 20smileysmiley

offline denicka Senior  
Monday 15/01/2007, 15:55


offline TouchMeSoftly Hero Code of Chivalry
Tuesday 16/01/2007, 15:03


offline 6SimS-Sven Master UTOPiA
Wednesday 17/01/2007, 04:14

Nope lol as time goes cards become harder and harder even commons up to cr cards i once bought methane 900 now its 2000 see the difference when the time past

offline kv NIVROTH Imperator KINGS OF VALACHIA
Thursday 25/01/2007, 10:24

And maybe those events would be in the english forum too, not only in the french one smileysmiley

offline -sCapeg0d- Colossus Limit Break
Thursday 25/01/2007, 13:34

Well, with the introduction of new characters with every passing week or so, the probability of finding a particular card (whether it's rare, uncommon or even common) decreases with every introduction.

My story's similar to rogues, I had bought Kinjo and Methane when they were cheap (simply bought them as they were rares, and I knew their prices would soar in the future). I was not able to sell or trade either publicly or privately because the shop feature isn't available in my country, but the friends I had made in this game purchased credits for me and they would occasionaly drop in a card (thank you, you know who you are).

Sorry, I got drifted away. Concerning the Crs, I don't imagine even in my wildest dreams that I'd be able to obtain them. So, now-a-days Im collecting as much characters from Soleil as I can, hoping that they'll be worth the investment.

Gg ... always.

offline Gazelle28 Imperator  
Saturday 27/01/2007, 23:04

The Key Word Here Is "RANDOM". Well, If there was a way to get CR CARDS in a certain way, In random (im not a statistician, but im partially an economist in training) Getting things in CERTAIN, than getting things RANDOM has more chance but no assurance, lower chance but with assurance. Like in lottery if you play lottery for 10 years against 10000 lottery tickets distributed, and you bought one each day, you still get a 7% chance of winning. In certainty,quiz bee, you aware of your score, with skills,all players get 0% at first then gradually increase as you go along. (correct me if what my mentor taught me is wrong smileysmiley:shocksmiley

IF there would be a chance to get cards in certainty.

BUT, its not about the collection for me ( I like winning ) its about having 5 stars and seeing your name on top in every tournament.

offline K9 AlucardEVO Master  
Monday 29/01/2007, 04:47

If it takes so many years as you say, then I agree that the rate should be increased, 5 CR a week doesn't seem THAT drastic over 3 CR a week. If they want to make it more collectable, have the cards dated. That way earlier cards are worth more for sheer collectability reasons.

If it took me 10 years to complete a single set in magic the gathering, I wouldn't play it.

offline wmd angelo Colossus  
Thursday 01/02/2007, 19:40

Here is my opinion folks: i started ELO as soon as i reached level 20, and you can make a top 25 deck with 10000 clintz... and it means that if you're a good player ( and not a rich player) you can win a collector in maximum 2 months( and i'm not counting the other rare cards that you can win)...i'm not a moderator trying to defend the game, i'm just a player who tries his best to be on top smiley

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