offline kingslayer19 Master  
Friday 22/02/2008, 03:30

Date will be on March 14-16. Battles will be held in my guild's game room. You can quit my guild right after and rejoin yours after.
Prize will be: Nistarok (R) MAX or Dorian (U) MAX
Entry fee: 500 clintz
It will be a 4 chain elimination tournament.

1st day (1 advances per group):
Group A faces Group A
Group B faces Group B
Group C faces Group C
Group D faces Group D

2nd day:
Group A winner faces Group B winner
Group C winner faces Group D winner

3rd day (finals):
Group A/B winner faces Group C/D winner
Winner collects prize.

Will change days if needed or time allows. Also a few things / rules.
1) Group A/B must use type 1 deck except at finals
2) Group C/D must use type 2 deck except at finals
3) Disqualification will occur if you cheat or break a rule
4) Disqualification will result if you do not make your match within 30 minutes.
5) Matches must be recorded, if not recorded cannot take your word for it.
Things to know:
1) To pay entry fee I will offer a Giovanni for 550 clintz, you will then resell to me for 50 clintz = your entered.
2) You must do two things to apply for entrance... first you must type a message here stating deck type, group, and prize upon winning. Secondly, you must send me a pm stating the same things.
3) Each person has 3 "lives" a draw = +0 lives, win = +1 life, loss = -1 life
4) Four person minimum per group, eight person max.
5) The group battles will be a free for all. One comes out alive, rest will have 0 lives.

offline DarkAssault Imperator TRiNiTY
Friday 22/02/2008, 13:27

The fact u have to join ur guild to do the match will turn people off

offline kingslayer19 Master  
Wednesday 27/02/2008, 01:57

Oh well... lol just cancel the whole thing. The guild thing was just an easier way to prevent cheating and to know who was playing. Wish I could do it smiley but seems no one is answering. Besides sold the cards and don't feel like buying them again to pay the winning fee.

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