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Sunday 13/06/2010, 13:05

Okay I am stuck, and although I am half considering switching over to bangers for their frankly impressive knockouts, can anyone help fix the problem I am having finding a decent 2 star to fill these holes?
I have 3 clans in both of these decks, don't know if the links are needed as well as the names, so here they are.

Display Skeelz, Sentinel Half

Obviously Dayton will be leveled up if this deck is used.

Display Skeelz, La Junta Half

I sometimes swap Bryan in as a 4 star here, I am not yet decided on the situational 1htko of dacote being worth it, I am sure most good players can see it coming but at least if gives them pause.

I have a very full freaks selection I could pair up instead, or I could work on my bangers selection. I was saving for a CR, so I can buy any none CR card to alter the decks a bit.

Any ideas please? I dislike Wilhem on the skeelz side, as I find him very situational, and I have enough of that in the deck already. I am okay for stoppers but could use a booster in power or attack perhaps, at a push another stopper. I am okay with a 5/3 split at a push too, if you think its worth getting thromund for the boost in power in the 5/3 split.

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Sunday 13/06/2010, 14:14

Amm, those decks are totally ineffective in any way You play it I say... I'll try to point whats is wrong here, lets take a look at the first deck, Coby and Sasha are support ability based cards, so it salready bad that they are in half decks, not in mono clan, its just a waste of abbilities... Copper and Lehane are great, Dayton will do, but I'd put Melvin in Coby's place, he can hit his 4 damage sometimes and he always is a damage reducer... Wardog totally out, its no point keeping him, there are useable 2* cards in skeelz, Liam is great 2* and deffinately should replace Wardog, I would also put Redra in Sasha's place, Sasha will mostly be a 7/2 +8 attack card, I'd rather use two damage reducers in this deck... another thing is Corvus, he would be good if he has 4 damage to fit Copper, but with this 3 damage he isnt good... You have 1 star to spend from swiching Coby to Melvin, so You can put in Caelus if unbanned, or I'd suggest Aylen, she will do great with two damage reducers in 1 deck...

second deck looks much better, especially as a gheist/roots counter, but I would still put Liam over Lehane, she totally kills most Gheist cards, Toro, zero dead, arkn, weakens methane, kills their new 4* card, and kills some of roots quite playable cards, like gretian... overall I'd use Liam and Redra in those decks, You'll find how useable damage reducers are in elo smiley

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Sunday 13/06/2010, 15:33

Firstly thanks for the in depth reply, it was appreciated. I had also come to realise coby is the weak link at 4 stars smiley I have him in my most of my half decks, but I hadn't found a suitable replacement, thank you for the ideas. I'll disagree a bit on Sasha lacking a bit, in the light of none DR useful 2 stars from the skeelz deck, she doesn't come in bad in the average split clan hand at 7 1/2 power, but I can see your points on Damage reduction being needed, especially as it makes sense given that bangers have been walking over me in most matches in normal mode too.

I just bought Caelus from advice in general, so everyone thought alike there, expensive but worth it in most hands I think. I'll have to grit my teeth and take a couple of 6 power DR reducers I guess smiley. In normal I have got so used to pill manipulation with Corvus and the possibility of a 10 Revenge attack with Chiara, I hadn't paid much attention to damage reduction, as my power level could usually be boosted enough to beat any opponent, with even a half successful bluff.

Time to work in some DR and 2 hit knockouts I guess smiley, thanks again for the help.

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Sunday 13/06/2010, 16:39

Caelus is one of the best cards out there, but he is always banned in elo... trouble with this deck is Caelus and Copper often banned, so its almost impossible to use it in elo... for DT, there are hundreds of better decks (18-19* for T1 or 10 cards 26* in T2), and in survivor elo the same problem with Caelus banned... overall You wont use this deck too much anywhere... consider using Aylen, redra and melvin in elo, Copper isnt banned every week so this deck will be often useable and should do good, at lest to 1300 elo...

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Sunday 13/06/2010, 22:57

I just want to say your advice was like a bolt of lightening smiley, I just won the last 4 elo matches cleanly using it. The deck looks quite a lot different, but I took everything you said to heart and built around it, so thanks again!

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