Survivor T2 - Fang Pi Clang & Pussycats

Friday 21/01/2011, 14:55

What do you guys think about this:

Surviving Fanged Cats

Please rate and comment! smiley

Saturday 22/01/2011, 07:06

Can i get a replacement of this caracter Kerozinn Cr which is on your deck smiley

Saturday 22/01/2011, 14:08

I would use Hattori or Sung Tsu if I didn't have her.

Sunday 23/01/2011, 05:36

Like me. I use Hattori and Sung Tsu both in my deck smiley
I wish i have that Kerozinn Cr smiley

Monday 24/01/2011, 17:48

Ouch thats all i can say.


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