offline Euzebe Colossus Open Casket
Tuesday 16/10/2012, 10:21

Hello all,

Since the release of the temporary New Blood and LD missions, a lot of you asked if it was possible to put back the missions you’ve missed so as to gain the mission points.

To answer to this demand, we will allow you to reactivate the expired missions for a price in credits. However, the development didn’t start yet therefore it is not possible to give you another release date than «as soon as it’ll be finished» but you can tell us what you think about this feature.

I’ll explain what we want to do:
It’ll be simple. First, we will add a «Expired mission» tab next to the «Missions completed» one on your mission page.
In this tab you’ll be able to see the list of expired mission and reactivate them for a price equal to the number of mission points they give, divided by 10 and rounded up.

For example: a mission giving 10 points will cost 1 credit, a mission giving 40 points will cost 4 credits. A mission giving 5 points will cost 1 credit (because it’s rounded up).

This system will give the possibility to gain the mission points BUT NOT the mission prizes. To win the LD character you still have to complete the missions before the deadline.

This system will allow you to reactivate all missions you didn’t unlock in time before the deadline, no exception.

Have fun!

offline TheDoomBug Colossus Limit Break
Tuesday 16/10/2012, 23:46

@Rogue Reaper
You don't have to spend money to get credits. I know I don't. You will not get any BP, tickets, credits, Clintz (gold, what's that?), or cards from these. You will only get Mission Points. If you're not interested in MP, then you can safely ignore this. People who wanted these long lost mission points (for whatever reason, OCD, bragging rights, guild exp) now have the option to get them.

offline PinkRose458 Veteran Open Casket
Wednesday 17/10/2012, 00:54

I really do like this idea. I know that I for one, would not be using this feature until I complete all the missions for each clan, but after that, I am most likely to do it. Having lots of mission points is something one can be proud of as most do not come easy and take lots of time. The no reward thing may get people iffy about this though as they would be using their credits for just mission points basically.

offline mahawirasd Imperator Immortality
Wednesday 17/10/2012, 01:12

Good idea imho. Gives older players who are a slightly OCD or just irked by the fact they missed some due to RL or other issues. 1 to 10 credit to points ratio seems quite fair.

The only way this can turn out bad imho is if this credit-sinking feature became a precedent for ever-higher mission point scores - now that would be a travesty for older players. But if future NB and LD missions remain at an average of 10 points each (with one or two of the harder ones being 20-40), i really think this will be a good feature.


offline ghelas Titan E X C A L I B U R
Wednesday 17/10/2012, 01:47


Nobody is forcing you to spend money here, so if you don't think it's a good idea, don't do it. Some people are very into mission points, and so, will be happy to spend money on this feature. I'm not one of them either, but I appreciate that this change offers them something they will enjoy.

"Why would anyone" is a somewhat presumptuous thing to start a sentence with, don't you think? It implies you understand what everyone wants. smiley

offline Travis {TAB} Imperator  
Wednesday 17/10/2012, 02:12

I dont think you realise they are like 1 - 3 credits per mission

offline wasteroftime Titan Open Casket
Wednesday 17/10/2012, 15:56

@rogue reaper....

"why would anyone want to spend REAL MONEY, just to get less then 250 battle points, and maybe 150 gold. It just seems like a rip off to me..."

this is the nature of pretty much any virtual product. we pay money in order to posses a bunch of 1s and 0s in a server.... because it is there, people want to do it... i.e. KO missions with hopeless cards you'd never play with in a million years -- create a mission -- people will do it since it gives their gaming experience a sense of purpose and structure.

humans do funny things on a regular basis smiley

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offline mahawirasd Imperator Immortality
Friday 19/10/2012, 05:32

Oh, and 1 more thing: what about 5 mission point missions (or 15, 25, 65, you get my drift)?

offline PinkRose458 Veteran Open Casket
Friday 19/10/2012, 07:20

A mission giving 5 points will cost 1 credit (because it’s rounded up).

It would do well if people in the EN community would read as I have seen that many people do not. -.-

It saddens me greatly thinking that the EN community isn't too bright. (I really do hope what that means)

offline Travis {TAB} Imperator  
Friday 19/10/2012, 07:54

Rounds up

offline mahawirasd Imperator Immortality
Friday 19/10/2012, 10:28

Yarr, skimped that part, my bad. Just saw the 10 = 1 part and didn't think about it until i realized there were 5/15/65 mission point rewards.

1 credit for 5 points is kinda steep imho, but i guess some ppl would still do it.

it would do well for ppl in any community to read more, but some ppl don't always have time to read every line so they skimp some.

I don't understand your last line, i think you need to rephrase it (especially the part between the brackets)

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