Friday 07/06/2013, 11:02

Gail Ld retired a short while after her program, “The Junkz, a stupid and violent world of addiction" caused public outrage in Clint City. However, in the end she decided to come back to make her apologies, and above all to film a special documentary on the new arrivals in Clint City! Who out of Clint City’s star presenters, Dorian, Rhody and Gail Ld, will manage to pull off an exclusive interview with the mysterious Leader of the Huracan clan?

Gail Ld is a legendary character who is only available by carrying out missions connected with her.

To obtain this character, you must unlock her last mission before August 4th at 11.59pm (GMT + 2:00)

Friday 07/06/2013, 11:05

Huracan Ld should've shown up this week.

Friday 07/06/2013, 11:08

Hmm.. next ld could be of the Huracan, althoguht I was hoping it's going to be today..

Friday 07/06/2013, 11:11

Leader of hurucan
El Divino

Friday 07/06/2013, 11:13

The ld's have come full circle.This was my first ld card a year ago and it was so hard.Now they'are easy.Free 10 credits

Friday 07/06/2013, 11:14

Mission 4 is kinda good and challenging..

Friday 07/06/2013, 12:01

*Ding ding dong* The little LD Huracan will show her secret moves on Urban Rivals the 21st of June, be ready! *Ding ding dong*

Friday 07/06/2013, 12:13


Friday 07/06/2013, 12:26

Probably that ring girl. I mean, Vortex Ld is the flag bearer, isn't she kinda comparable?

Friday 07/06/2013, 12:47

I'm pretty sure that wrestling matches do not have ring girls.
...No, WWF Brawl For All doesn't count.


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