@ Selling half deck of La Junta for ELO @

Saturday 08/12/2007, 13:49

Im selling the following cards:

Bruce 3*
Jane Ramba 2* (not maxed)
Wardog 2*
Dean 2*

Message me or post (both would be preffered)

Saturday 08/12/2007, 17:04

Cheap prices for Bruce or Wardog?

Saturday 08/12/2007, 19:01

Omg... smiley ...i told my cousin he could play on my account while i went to feed my dogs and he put the ones i was selling on the market....sorry...(luckily it was a reasonable price...whew)

Saturday 08/12/2007, 22:23

Ill buy Dean for 190

Sunday 09/12/2007, 14:27

Mod's please close this...


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