offline EriteGhandy2 Novice  
Sunday 02/09/2007, 16:41

Any offers at 6000

offline Baron WMD Master  
Sunday 02/09/2007, 21:09

Market is at 3500 right now ... why dont you wait 6 months and hopefully after he leaves the new blood packs there is a shortage and his price will rise again. Otherwise, this offer is ridiculous

offline Drain WMD Guru  
Monday 03/09/2007, 03:22

Ill buy it for 2500 and yeah baron your right this is way to high for todays marketing price for an oyoh. Even if its maxed smiley

offline Baron WMD Master  
Monday 03/09/2007, 07:43

You know .. I must apologize .. I didn't even realize that he might be offering a maxxed out card. If so, then I'm sorry that's a good deal for today's market price compared to other maxed cards. Nevertheless, I'm so used to just looking at the cheapest offered card with plans to level it up myself that I don't even consider looking at the higher level'ed cards ... So, sorry.

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