Saturday 21/08/2010, 20:52

I want to know which is best smiley

Thursday 26/08/2010, 23:19

Add Ambre if you go with Sentinel cause there is lots of low attack cards with such big damage like Miss Chloe & Chloe

Saturday 28/08/2010, 21:51

You should try this deck-
My DM deck that makes me usually take 1-3. But you don't lose much with this.

Wednesday 01/09/2010, 03:19


Friday 03/09/2010, 21:58

In T2 DM there's no reason to low star cards. Sentinels with Ambre or even Hugo rock.

I've used for a long long long time Ambre or Hugo, Copper, Chloe, Miss Chloe, Havok, Hawk, Owen and Coby. If you've got Tessa Cr, you should use her in place of one of those guys.

Truth is, you can use Morphun, Eklore, or Eyrik in the Leader slot if you really want. The Sentinels you pick really do the heavy lifting.


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