offline Dr.Ido Titan  
Tuesday 20/03/2007, 17:49

We need your opinion on what we think is an important matter: What do you want to do with characters that are too strong for the ELO mode. Currently we ban them from the ELO mode and they keep their overpowered stats. Another option would be to alter their stats, so they could fit in the ELO mode and allow them. Which one do you prefer? You can go to your profil page and tell us.

offline Gazelle28 Imperator  
Wednesday 21/03/2007, 01:03

For me, i would hate the effect it would bring to the market..not changing a thing is good for me smiley

offline 6SimS-Sven Master UTOPiA
Wednesday 21/03/2007, 04:52

why not just create cards to balance each clan on elo

I recall you that Rival Urban is also a game of cards HAS TO COLLECT, and therefore to diminish the charcteristics of the cards has not really direction
-->The re-editions of cards (example: Berserkgirl , Kiki , etc. ..)

Well they really make impact

offline Serene Hero µ The Waiting Bar µ
Wednesday 21/03/2007, 05:03

While they are at it reviewing for cards for elo, they should go review some rare cards too, which are so much lousier as compared to commons and uncommons. Eg : Havok Vs Tanaereva Gertrud Vs Bodenpower .. and many more

offline Stalkingdemon Guru  
Wednesday 21/03/2007, 05:13

Yes i also hate stat changes.

its better to ban them than changing them.
and to compromise this make more characters that is ELO legal. (a win - win situation IMO)

hmmm i also like the idea of banning unevovled cards for elo like suggested earlier. =p

just my 2 cents

offline Danish_Zombie Senior  
Wednesday 21/03/2007, 11:21

When does the cards of the sun turn into CR

offline Collector_HM Guru Pit Viper
Wednesday 21/03/2007, 12:48

Does any1 no how much ctz will u get if u have 1035 elo [points]

offline Bloodmoor Imperator  
Wednesday 21/03/2007, 13:08

I think it's rediculous to ban and/or alter cards.Everyone has the same opportunity to have those self-same cards if they desire.The exception is CR's which are exclusive.But seriously...if you ban those cards in might as well ban them period.

offline Bloodmoor Imperator  
Wednesday 21/03/2007, 13:10

Oh...foot-note...I agree that ALL cards in ELO should be fully-leveled.

offline Prysm CCU Guru  
Wednesday 21/03/2007, 13:34

I think it's sad smiley, almost as if a dark cloud is looming over my beloved clintz-city. Weaken my deck, if so is the case then I want to be refunded for every powerful card I paid for. I bought them because they were strong, or if played correctly could become strong. I EVOed them when EVO was unrestricted and for you guys who have been on longer then a year or so know what I'm talking about, that was hell. No I'm not in a guild and no I'm not the best player in the game but I suppose my thoughts a respected seeing into it I haven't been scuffed or laughed at yet. I hate the idea of seeing even the new cards that can't compete with their CR predecessors, let alone restricted cards? Give me a break somewhere. I would rather not see any of them then to see then limp into a battle, it's disgusting! I knew this poll would come eventually but i didn't think it would be this drastic... If I see a weakened vickie or DJ Korr I'll leave the match, no questions asked...

offline Atryx_ Legend  
Wednesday 21/03/2007, 15:20

|| Prysm ---- 100 % right ! ||

Many of us paid for the strong cards a lot and now !?~!? It's just stupid ... more and more restrictions .. let the game the way it is ! If some players lose in ELO because of some stronger cards .. whats the big deal ... can only make that guys to fight for that cards and buy that cards too. But NO it's more simple to ban the stronger cards than to fight or pay for them !!!!

If the game will continue to evolve in this direction! Me personaly I will not leave the match I WILL LEAVE THE GAME !
What is the purpose of a card game where all the cards are at the same lvl.

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